ROLL CALL: Justin Timberlake & Ashton Kutcher’s Great Trucker Hat Debate

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Shia’s Passenger — “Transformers 2” Co-Star: Shia LaBeouf’s passenger during his car accident Sunday morning was none other than his “Transformers 2” co-star, Isabel Lucas, Us Weekly reports. Sources tell the mag that the actress was not seriously injured in the car accident that landed Shia in surgery for his hand.

Justin & Ashton’s Great Trucker Hat Debate: There are some arguments to which we’ll never know the answer, and others that we’re embarrassed to repeat, but Justin Timberlake has thrown the trucker hat gauntlet down at the feet of Ashton Kutcher. “It’s funny. I keep hearing Ashton Kutcher say how he was responsible for trucker caps. I’ve heard him make that statement before,” the “SexyBack” singer said in the new Fashion Rock magazine. “Trace [Ayala] and I were wearing them when we were seventeen.”

“Betty” Star On Lindsay & Sam: Despite the persistent rumors that Lindsay Lohan and DJ Samantha Ronson are more than friends, “Ugly Betty” star Ana Ortiz told OK! Magazine she doesn’t see what the fuss is about. “Sam just sort of watched the scene and then they would go back to hair and makeup or to her [Lindsay’s] trailer or to lunch,” Ana told the mag of Lindsay’s recent tapings of “Ugly Betty.” “They definitely seem to have a really nice, comfortable relationship where there’s a lot of trust. That’s hard to find.”

Brooke Hogan Goes Off On Media: Journalists better think twice before getting a story wrong about Brooke Hogan. After reports surfaced criticizing Brooke for skipping brother Nick’s 18th jailhouse birthday, the reality star/aspiring pop star took to her MySpace blog to set the record straight. “Heres how stupid and inaccurate the media can be… According to the press I didn’t show up to my brothers 18th birthday at the jail,” She writes. “Lets see…*hes in jail, *Its an important birthday…the big 18!!!, *I’m only a 4 hour drive to Tampa, *He’s the most important thing in my life. They must have thought I didn’t show cause they didn’t SEE me. uhh…there’s such thing as a back door you jerks.”

“CSI” Nelly: Nelly will be seen on the scene of a crime under investigation, while he completes a multiple episode arc on “CSI: NY,” Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello reports. “He’s a great actor,” executive producer Pam Veasey told EW of Nelly.“He really stepped up.” The rapper-turned-actor is set to play a club owner. No word on if he’ll rap, but we can hope.

Not stopping at just TV, Nelly was announced as the face — or should we say torso — of Diddy’s line of Sean John Underwear, E! Online reports. Nelly in Diddy’s tighty-whiteys, it’s as if it was just meant to be.

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