ROLL CALL: Justin’s Coming To TV, & Oprah’s Leaving It?

Your Daily Dispatch of Celebrity Shenanigans by Tommy Vergason

May 3, 2007

KEIRA OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WIT’S END: Keira Knightley was reportedly “devastated” when she was unwittingly brought into the “skinny celebrity” debate by the press, she tells ELLE magazine for its June issue. PEOPLE reports on the upcoming interview, in which Knightley reportedly defends her thin frame as a product of both her natural metabolism, mixed with the rigorous shooting involved in filming the third “Pirates of the Caribbean” film. “I am thin because that’s what I am, and I was thinner at that point because of the work I do. Nothing else,” she reportedly tells ELLE. “I had lost weight. We were filming in searing temperatures and shooting fight scenes in which you were wearing a wetsuit underneath a load of corsets, fighting with heavy weights in the water. Can you imagine a more advanced cardio workout than that done hour after hour?”

ANGELINA IS ‘WANTED’ IN PRAGUE: A Hollywood power-couple known for championing humanistic causes have gone to Prague, Czechoslovakia, reports US WEEKLY. A photo from Tuesday night captures Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (with their children in tow) arriving in Prague, where Angelina will be filming her new action movie, “Wanted,” based on the popular comic book series. Jolie, Pitt, and their four children — Maddox, Zahara, Pax, and 11-month-old Shiloh — are reportedly staying in the Czech city during the shoot, according to the film’s publicist, Kathryn Donovan. Jolie is scheduled to film in Prague for several weeks but her stay will be “broken up,” according to Donovan. She added: “She will be here intermittently.”

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SUPER DUDS FOR AN IRON MAN: Robert Downey Jr. is starring in his own movie based on a comic book — the upcoming Marvel superhero flick, “Iron Man.” ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY offers an exclusive first look at the final, official suit of armor worn by Downey in the film, which matches remarkably close to the one the hero wears in the comic books. Constructed by Oscar-winning F/X wizard Stan Winston, the Iron Man costume is very impressive, but reportedly quite restrictive…and sweat-inducing. '‘Robert was very bullish on wearing the suit whenever possible,’’ says director Jon Favreau of Downey. '‘Now I don’t know if he’s such a fan of that idea.’’

THE END OF ‘OPRAH’: Oprah Winfrey told Larry King that she plans to dedicate her time to a heroic cause once her show ends. USA TODAY reports on a NEWSMAX.COM item about Oprah’s appearance on King’s talk show Tuesday night,where shereportedly spoke of her future plans: “I have four or five years left on my show, and when I’m done with that contract, I’m done. Then I want to change the laws, state-by-state for child predators in this country; and that’s what I want to have done. And I won’t be satisfied until that is done. The children of the United States are being stolen, raped, tortured, and killed by sexual predators. I want the laws to change.” Oprah reportedly denied rumors that she may run for political office, when asked about it by King.

HBO IS BRINGING SEXY BACK: HBO is gearing up to air their first concert special in four years — and they’re doing it with none other than Justin Timberlake, says THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER. Timberlake’s concert special will reportedly be taped Aug. 16 at Madison Square Garden, during the second U.S. leg of his FutureSex/LoveShow world tour, with a scheduled air date of Sept. 3. HBO Entertainment Senior VP Nancy Geller said that HBO has been focused on their original series more than concerts over the past few years, but Timberlake gave them a good reason to get back in the music game. “When Justin said he was going on tour, it was a no-brainer,” she says. “It just felt right — he is a classic HBO star, it feels like the right time, and he’s the right guy.”

‘VIEW’ ASKEW: And finally, a bit of whimsy from the ladies of “The View.” While the daytime divas have been nominated in the Outstanding Talk Show Host category for the Daytime Emmys ten times consecutively, they have never won. TV GUIDE offers a “Top 10” list written by “View” co-host Joy Behar on why they should win the award this year. Some highlights of the amusing list include: “We’re the only show with Hot Topics and hot flashes,” “We promise our acceptance speech will be shorter than Britney’s hair,” and “Donald Trump is not a Daytime Emmy voter.” As an extra bonus, Behar adds: “It would be nice if we did win because rumor has it Brad and Angelina promised to adopt us.”

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