ROLL CALL: Kristin Cavallari’s Delusions Of ‘Hills’ Grandeur

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Kristin Cavallari – Living In A Ratings Fantasy World: Kristin Cavallari has apparently not heard the reports that that one third of “The Hills” audience has left since she took over for Lauren Conrad. “‘The Hills’ is the No. 1 show and we are doing really well,” Kristin, who is obviously not reading enough, told E! Online. But in her defense, her writers might have instructed her to say that – after all, we don’t expect her to think of words all by herself!

Levi’s Nude Watch: In today’s Levi Johnston naked update, Sarah Palin’s favorite future-centerfold broke down exactly how he’s about to show the world his goods. “I just get naked. That’s what I do,” Levi told Us Weekly. You also – in your very own small way – helped to keep the White House Palin-free! Keep doing what you do Levi!

Reunited – And It Feels So Wrong: Are Jude Law and Sienna Miller about to reunite? According to U.K.‘s OK Magazine the former lovebirds have reconnected. “Sienna and Jude have met up a few times and got on really well,” a mag source claimed. We’re calling this one foul, as Jude has his hands full with a new baby and baby mama – and Sienna doesn’t seem like the insta-mommy type. Then again, it didn’t stop her the last time!

Kelly Clarkson’s Long Shot: Not only does Kelly Clarkson have a song on her recent album called, “Long Shot,” but she also likes throwing them back too! Check out Kelly living it up in Chicago on Monday night! We guess she’s “Already Gone”!

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