Roll Call: Laila’s Wedding Dance & Lindsay’s Tango Tutorial

‘FULL HOUSE’ IN A LITTLE CHURCH: In other wedding news, former “Full House” actress and “Pants Off Dance Off” host Jodie Sweetin, 25, got married in Las Vegas last weekend, reports. The actress, who played middle daughter Stephanie Tanner for eight seasons on “Full House,” reportedly married a man named Cody Herpin, 30, at the historic Little Church of the West. Other celebrity couples who have gotten hitched at the chapel include Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford and Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton.

A NEW DANCE FOR LINDSAY?: Lindsay Lohan, who is currently hitched to a SCRAM alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet (of her own choosing), is reportedly getting a workout as she takes tango lessons for an upcoming role, reports. The actress reportedly began taking lessons on Friday (ankle bracelet and all) for a role in “Dare to Love Me,” a biographical film about Tango legend Carlos Gardel. The movie, set in Buenos Aires in the 1920s, reportedly centers on Gardel and his steamy romance with a prostitute that ends when the woman is fatally shot and he is crippled by a bullet fragment. There is no word on Lohan’s exact role in the movie, but sources close to the film indicate that an official announcement is expected this week. Lohan’s rep was not immediately available for comment when contacted by PEOPLE. What this means for Lohan’s reported role in “Poor Things” is still unknown. While reports claim that the dark comedy (also starring Shirley MacLaine and Olympia Dukakis) has been shut down, producer Robert Hickman exclusively stated to Access Hollywood that the film has not been canceled, and that “any rumours saying differently are just that: rumours.”

DAMON DEBUNKS: Another movie rumor was recently debunked by the subject of the rumor himself. “Bourne Ultimatum” star Matt Damon spoke to , denying reports that he would be starring as Captain Kirk in the upcoming “Star Trek” movie being directed and produced by J.J. Abrams. “No, it was interesting. That was kind of an internet rumor that started,” Damon told IGN in the videotaped interview. “In fact, [former Captain Kirk actor] William Shatner — I saw somewhere — commented on it, and said (which I thought was great), ‘I think he’d make a good Captain Kirk,’ which I thought was really cool. But no, I know J.J., the dude that’s directing it, and I talked coincidentally to J.J., and I said ‘What is the deal?’ And he’s like, ‘No, the Kirk in my movie is much younger.’ It’s like the early years, so I think he’s probably hiring like a 20 year-old actor. So, no, it’s just an internet rumor. Maybe if they do the progression, then I can play him,” he added with a chuckle.

IS ASHLEE LOOKING FOR A CURE?: Legendary alternative rocker Robert Smith has also addressed rumors that have been circulating. The Cure frontman told that reports of his collaborating with pop star Ashlee Simpson on her upcoming album are untrue…but that’s not to say a future collaboration between them is out of the question. “I would be hugely surprised if I end up working with Ashlee this year, but I haven’t ruled it out,” he reportedly said. “I went to see her in [the musical] ‘Chicago.’ We have people we both know, and I have some nephews and nieces who think she’s really good. I was impressed. The fact is, when she got on stage and sang, she was really good.” As for the rumor itself, Smith confessed to being overwhelmed by the coverage it received. “I was encouraged to issue a denial, but I thought, why? I don’t deny anything. I don’t see the point,” he is quoted as saying. “I’ve worked with lots of different people down the years.” According to a Geffen spokesperson, Simpson’s next album should be out before the end of the year, but no release date has been confirmed. The Cure’s new album will be released in October, accompanied by a North American tour.

STARS COME TO SPRINGFIELD & ‘24’ GETS A PRESIDENT: Musician Lionel Richie is lending his voice to the season premiere of “The Simpsons,” reports. Richie will play himself in the episode (airing Sept. 23), along with guest star Stephen Colbert as Homer Simpson’s life coach. Actor Steve Buscemi will also pop up on the FOX show this season as a bank robber who forms a “connection” with hostage Marge (Sept. 30), and Jack Black will play the owner of “Coolsville,” a new rival comic-books emporium in Springfield (Oct. 7). Later in the season, it’s a “Frasier” reunion as Kelsey Grammer, David Hyde Pierce and John Mahoney voice Sideshow Bob, brother Cecil and their dad. Other stars reportedly lined up for this season include Jon Stewart, Matt Dillon, Maya Rudolph, Dan Rather, Placido Domingo, Kurt Loder, Weird Al Yankovic, Beverly D’Angelo and Topher Grace. In the meantime, fans looking for their “Simpsons” fix can check out “The Simpsons Movie” in theaters this weekend.

Another FOX show, “24,” is getting a new addition this season, says . Actress Cherry Jones (”Ocean’s Twelve,” “The Village”) has signed on to star as the President of the United States, according to HR’s sources. FOX has not confirmed the reported news, but rumors of a female president for the show’s seventh season have been circulating for some time. Production of “24” has reportedly been delayed until August, due to a set-in-Africa storyline falling through and the producers going back to the drawing board.

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