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Lily Allen Vs. Sir Elton John: Move over Cheech & Chong! Though the legendary “bud” brothers of comedy have reunited, there might be a new super comedy group on the rise and an unlikely one at that. Pop singer Lily Allen and legend Sir Elton John made quite the pair as they exchanged barbs while hosting the GQ Men of the Year Awards in London on Tuesday night. Lily reportedly drank champagne through the ceremony, but when she said “now we reach a very special point in the evening,” while she was presenting, Elton made reference to her alcohol intake, chiming in with “What, are you going to have another drink?” As the banter continued in front of stars and honorees, including producer Mark Ronson and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, Lily reportedly replied “F*** off Elton, I’m 40 years younger than you, I have my whole life ahead of me,” the Times quoted her as saying. But the exchange didn’t stop there. “I could still snort you under the table” Elton reportedly stated. “F*** off. I don’t know what you are talking about,” Lily replied. Come to think of it, maybe Cheech & Chong’s status is safe.

Hilary’s Weight Gain: She’s long been known for her skinny, lithe frame, but fans of Oscar winner Hilary Swank are about to see the star burst out in curves. According to E! News’ Ted Casablanca, the actress will be plumping up to star in “French Women Don’t Get Fat,” based on Mireille Guiliano’s book of the same name. “She’ll gain 20 to 30 pounds,” a source told the columnist. “It’s no sweat. She’s played a man before. She can handle anything.” As for losing it, we suggest cardio, and plenty of it!

Jack Bauer Gets His Baby Back: He saves the world at least once every “24” season, and now a present appears to be in store for Kiefer Sutherland’s character, Agent Jack Bauer – his daughter is coming back. According to Entertainment Weekly columnist Michael Ausiello, sources claim Elisha Cuthbert has signed on to return to the show as Kim. And she comes with a surprise – Kim will be toting a child.

Keira’s Perfect Pout: “The Duchess” star Keira Knightley has beat out Angelina Jolie in a new poll for the most perfect pout. According to reports out of Britain, Knightley topped the poll conducted by Blistex in the UK, beating out pouty Posh (Victoria Beckham) and super-lipped Scarlett Johansson. Coming in second in the poll was Australian pop star Kylie Minogue, followed by Jolie, Johansson, Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, former “Smallville” star Kelly Brook, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba and singer Charlotte Church. Where’s the love for Supernanny and queen of making faces (to children) Jo Frost, we wonder?

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