ROLL CALL: Linday Lohan’s Liz & Dick Wardrobe Malfunction

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LiLo Runneth Over!: Lindsay Lohan suffered a wardrobe malfunction while filming her upcoming Elizabeth Taylor Lifetime movie, “Liz & Dick” on Monday in Los Angeles. Lindsay and co-star Grant Bowler (as Richard Burton) were photographed shooting an intense fight scene on a boat when the star popped out of her top. At least we know that Lindsay is putting her heart, soul… and girls into the role!

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Do We Spy Klingons?: In other (much bigger) movie news, after JJ Abrams’ brief appearance on the MTV Movie Awards this weekend, “Star Trek” nerds went into warp drive excitement after noticing a figure on a video editing screen behind the director. According to multiple blogs – including HitFix – the figure shown is a Klingon and the image is from the “Star Trek” sequel. So dust off your bat’leth (that’s a Klingon weapon for you non-Trekkies), because it appears the next “Trek” is going to get rowdy!

Diamond Jubilee Highlight?: Gaga might have the meat dress, Madonna has a cone bra, but how many pop star divas can say they rock a hula hoop!? Grace Jones brought her… unique style to England’s Diamond Jubilee (celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s 60th anniversary on the throne), where she performed “Slave to the Rhythm,” while working a hula hoop like no other! See all the glory of Grace, HERE!

POTUS Sings “Call Me Maybe”?: In further signs of the apocalypse, YouTube user Barackdubs has created a version of President Barack Obama singing (or speak singing) Carly Rae Jepsen’s beyond catchy hit, “Call Me Maybe.” See editing magic, HERE!

-- Jesse Spero

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