ROLL CALL: Lindsay Lohan: My Tea Did Not Set Off My SCRAM!

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LiLo Hearts Her Fermented Tea: Lindsay Lohan would like her Twitter followers to know that her love of Kombucha – a fermented tea – was not responsible for recently setting of her SCRAM alcohol-monitoring device. “kombucha was not the reason that my scram went off-i wouldn’t of been allowed to drink it if that were the problem.. i love kombucha,” Lindsay Tweeted on Monday. What else is Lindsay digging these days? “i love italian food,” she added in another Tweet. In case you’re keeping track – tea, pasta inane Tweets are high on LiLo’s must list.

Jon Gosselin’s Jinxed Ink?: Why not wear something as tacky as an Ed Hardy shirt forever?! In honor of Jon Gosselin’s reported “rebirth,” the Octo-dad got himself a massive back tattoo of a dragon – and according to Us Weekly, the tat includes the name of his new 23-year-old girlfriend written in Korean. Jon’s new ink also includes a blank scroll, which we can only assume is space for the names of future ex-girlfriends or more kids! See Jon’s classy body art, HERE!

Gordon Ramsay Caught Enjoying The Sights: “Hell’s Kitchen” star Gordon Ramsay was spotted with his wife in St. Tropez on Monday, but the chef appeared to be more interested in a different tanned lovely (well, lovely to someone we only imagine!) See the apple-bottom of Gordon’s eye, HERE!

“Potter” Trailer Drops!: Hold on to your wands – the first official full trailer for “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1” has dropped and has it! We’re happier than Lord Voldermort at a black sheet sale to see all the magic return, Check it out, HERE!

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