ROLL CALL: Meet ‘New Moon’s’ Werewolf Pack

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Taylor Lautner’s Wolf Entourage: “Twilight” star Taylor Lautner just got a few more allies in his fight against vampires. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Summit Entertainment has hired Chaske Spencer, Bronson Pelletier, Alex Meraz, Kiowa Gordon and Tyson Houseman to play members of the “New Moons” Wolf Pack, who protect humans from vampires. Fans of the novels know that these actors’ lives just got really good – possibly three-future-movies good!

James Gandolfini: Stage Fright Victim?: Tough guy actor James Gandolfini is not the first actor one would think suffers from stage fright, but according to The New York Daily News’ Gatecrasher, the actor called his debut in Broadway’s “Gods of Carnage” “nerve-racking.” “But once you get the hang of it, you’re fine,” he told the Web site. “The best part is, I’m making people laugh now. And that’s a good thing.” And he said a few flubs are just part of the live experience. “I still f*** up now and again, but that’s life. I don’t get nervous now. It’s starting to become fun.”

Miley: “Please Don’t Stop The Music”: Fans of Miley and her alter ego, “Hannah Montana,” can breathe a sigh of relief, the pint-sized pop star says she wants to do more of her mega-hit Disney Channel show and that her upcoming movie does not mean the end of the series. “This movie was never meant to be the end of ‘Hannah Montana,’” Miley told Billboard. “The thing is, a lot of people put where the show’s future lays in my hands – and it’s not up to me. It’s up to Disney and whether they want more episodes, and we hope that they do.” So in other words, everyone better keep his or her blonde wigs for the time being, because Miley ain’t going nowhere!

Aretha’s Inauguration Hat: The Cake!: And speaking of things far more powerful than us mere mortals, Aretha Franklin’s famous 2009 Inauguration hat – remember the one with the giant bow you could spot from the back of the crowd? It’s back and it’s edible! The singer was treated to a birthday cake in the shape of the famous hat last week during her birthday celebration in Detroit. See Aretha’s couture confection, HERE!

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