ROLL CALL: Michael Moore Gets ‘Paris-ed’ & Paris Gets Parodied!

Your Daily Dispatch of Celebrity Shenanigans by Tommy Vergason

June 29, 2007

PARODYING PARIS: While Paris Hilton soaks up some sun in Hawaii, a parody video based on her song, “Stars are Blind,” is becoming an online sensation. THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER spoke with filmmakers (and stand-up comedians) Allan Murray and Sean Haines about “Paris in Jail: The Music Video,” which has racked up over eight million views on MySpace and YouTube. “When Paris was going to go to jail, every time the news would do a story on Paris the bumper would be her song ‘Stars Are Blind,’” Murray reportedly said. “We were wondering what we should do for our first little project on the Internet and I thought, ‘Hmm, ‘Stars Are Blind.’ I kept hearing the lyric, ‘I don’t mind spending some time…’ and I heard ‘being confined’ in my head or ‘doing some time.’ And I looked at the real lyrics and I thought, ‘Oh, this is a song parody. This is easy. This is a fun one.’” Not only has the video received attention from viewers, it has reportedly afforded Murray and Haines their big break into Hollywood, as new clients for major talent agency ICM. “We have a wonderful offer — again, we can’t talk too much about it — but a major company is talking to us about creating a viral commercial for them,” Haines reportedly added. You can view the parody video by clicking HERE.

MICHAEL MOORE ‘SICK’ OF BEING PUT OFF: Paris Hilton has also had an affect on another filmmaker, but for entirely different reasons. Michael Moore was scheduled to appear on “Larry King Live” Wednesday night to talk about his new movie, “Sicko,” but Paris’ post-jail interview with King ended up trumping him out of his appearance. E! ONLINE’s TED CASABLANCA asked Moore how he felt about being postponed by the show (he’ll appear on tonight’s broadcast instead), and Moore reportedly replied, “There’s never been a greater honor in my life than to be replaced by Paris Hilton. You think I’m kidding, but I’m serious. Thank you, Larry!” But that’s not the only roadblock Moore faced this week. REUTERS reports that Moore was barred from entering the New York Stock Exchange yesterday for a planned interview with CNBC, and instead had to conduct the interview outdoors. “Having been bumped from Larry King last night for Paris Hilton, I am beginning to take things personally,” Moore reportedly told REUTERS following Thursday’s incident. “The priorities in this country are seriously askew.” A spokesman for the New York Stock Exchange said Moore had not given enough notice to get inside the building. Kevin Goldman, a spokesman for CNBC, said the network thought Moore had made his own arrangements to get inside.

PAPER CHASE: As Access reported yesterday, Britney Spears made a delivery of some mysterious paperwork (believed to be of a legal nature) to her shocked mother, Lynne. But that’s not the only Britney-centric paperwork story being reported. A source close to Kevin Federline told PEOPLE that Federline has resisted signing the former couple’s final divorce papers, allegedly out of concern over Spears’ recent behavior. “Britney’s attorneys are anxious to see Kevin sign off on a divorce,” the source reportedly said. “But Kevin and his lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, are dragging their heels out of concern over reports of Britney’s post-rehab partying.” The source reportedly added that Federline’s camp “wants to make sure that the divorce document makes it simple enough for Kevin to downsize Britney’s access to her kids the next time her behavior troubles him.” Spears’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, told PEOPLE: “I do not feel it’s appropriate to comment the personal life or legal positions of my client.” Federline’s lawyer also didn’t comment.

FOLLOW-UP BRITNEY BITE: As also reported yesterday, Britney had been rumored to be performing Saturday at Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors” concert in LA, but then was rumored to have dropped out of the appearance, due to alleged concern over having to actually sing at the show, rather than lip-sync. “True Colors” tour producer Jonny Podell has confirmed to PEOPLE that Britney won’t be at the show on Saturday, but for a different reason. “We invited Britney to join us in Las Vegas for the tour kickoff (June 8) but never heard back from her representatives. We still haven’t heard anything from them,” she reportedly said, adding, “Of course we wish we’d been contacted, but unfortunately, at this point, we wouldn’t be able to accommodate another artist in the LA schedule anyway.” Lisa Barbaris, Lauper’s manager and another tour producer, added that media reports over performance disagreements with Spears’s camp were not true. “The rumors about Cyndi not letting Britney perform due to any performance or lip-sync issues are silly and completely false,” Barbaris reportedy said.

50 CENT AND THE FLYING TRAPEZE: 50 Cent has had some lip-synch allegations thrown his way, following a performance at Tuesday’s BET Awards that seemingly went awry. Fans have reportedly accused the rapper of lip-synching and going off-script during his performance of “Amusement Park,” due to his skipping of the first verse of the song and then going into the audience for much of the performance. MTV.COM reports that 50 Cent has responded to his blogging critics, saying in an appearance on BET’s “106 & Park” that he was almost knocked off of the platform he’d entered on as he descended to the stage. According to him, the accidental bump (from a dancer on a trapeze) threw off his focus. “Everything doesn’t quite happen the way you practice it,” he reportedly said. “You see, I was hit by the aerialist and I was wibbly-wobbling coming down. Twenty five feet in the air, man, you fall — can’t nobody help me with that, you know what I mean? Then by the time you get down, you try and regroup to fight, you got the pyro going off, the music starts, we four bars into the song, you know — I just wasn’t concentrating.” After the interview, he reportedly made up for his BET Awards performance by taking the 106 stage and running through “Amusement Park” without a hitch.

MEDIEVAL ‘MILLIONAIRE’: And finally, Access Hollywood‘s own Tim Vincent is getting buzz over his performance as guest host of “Who Wants to be a Millioniare.” He has been hosting the show all week, and VH1’s BEST WEEK EVER writes, “Keep this guy in the hotseat — the show was, for the first time in years, a pleasure to watch.” Yesterday’s show was of particular interest to BEST WEEK EVER, as Vincent welcomed a contestant named Pony Winterhart, and the “Medieval Times” employee told Vincent that she “wenches” professionally at the theme restaurant. In a posted clip, Vincent says, “I’m having a blast, but sometimes I feel like I’m back in England. for example, our returning contestant works in a castle, dates a knight, and is handy with a sword.”

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