ROLL CALL: Miley & Biebs’ Night Out

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Miley & Biebs’ Night Out: Did Miley and Justin Bieber go a date? The teen mega stars were spotted at Ari-Ya Sushi in West Hollywood, Calif. on Monday. Biebs told the paparazzi that his 17-year-old companion was “having fun with me.” No word, where Miley’s boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, or Biebs older lady friend, Kim Kardashian, were.

LiLo Vs. Avril?: Does LiLo have yet another controversy on her hands? According to the New York Post’s Page Six, LiLo and Avril Lavigne had it out recently while partying at Chateau Marmont, in West Hollywood, Calif. According to a source, Avril went off on LiLo, saying, “As soon as she approached, Avril launched at her and said: ‘Get the hell out of my face, you are fake, you are a loser. I don’t like false people. Stay away from me and my friends.’” According to the source, the famous redhead got a little red in the face. “Lindsay was furious and screamed back: ‘Don’t threaten me!’ She then stormed off to security and tried to get them to kick Avril out. They refused to force Avril to leave. Lindsay eventually stormed off,” the source continued. Access has reached out to Avril’s rep to find out if this reported showdown actually went down, or if it’s more T.G.I. Fiction, than Fact.

Cynthia Nixon And Her “Short Man With Boobs”: “Sex and The City” star Cynthia Nixon says it wasn’t her girlfriend’s girlie ways that made the actress fall for her. “She’s basically a short man with boobs,” Cynthia told The Advocate when asked about girlfriend Christine Marinoni. “A lot of what I love about her is her butchness. I’m not saying I fell in love with her in a sexually neutral way. I love her sexuality—it’s a big part of what I love about her—but I feel like it was her. It wasn’t something in me that was waiting to come out.”

McLogo?!: Is Eric Dane selling his body as a billboard for corporate sponsors? The “Grey’s Anatomy” star was spotted in Italy on Monday –shockingly not shirtless – and TMZ noticed that one of the actor’s tattoos bears a striking resemblance to the logo for Champion athletic gear… check out McSteamy’s new McLogo, HERE!

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