ROLL CALL: Miley Cyrus Reveals New Album Title

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Still Just Being Miley: After teasing her fans for months on Twitter and waiting until she broke 13 million followers, Miley Cyrus has revealed the title of her forthcoming album. “If you don’t know why my record is called BANGERZ you’ll know as soon as you hear it. Nothin but #BANGERZ,” she Tweeted. Roll Call’s staff was quick to log on to Urban Dictionary (where we often go when deciphering Miley!) to help us out. According to the site, bangerz refers to “something that radiates unbelievable swell or swag.” “BANGERZ” – with all of its swagger – is slated to drop later this year.

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Blank “Is The New” Blank Ain’t All That New!: If you’re not watching “Orange is the New Black,” you might be reading this from under a rock (or just don’t have Netflix), but it turns out that the catchy title of the prison series is just one in a slew of similar pop culture titles. HuffPo has compiled a list of TV, movie and music items that have followed same title formula, enjoy! (Who knew that pink, red and blood were also the new black!)

The Real Thunder From Down Under: Chris Hemsworth is back with his ponytail, muscles for days and his hammer in the new trailer for “Thor: The Dark World.” Check out the spot for the latest from “Avengers” star, opening on November 8.

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Tara Reid Explains What A Whale Shark Is: Attention class, Tara Reid will now attempt to explain what a whale shark is. “So I look up sharks on the internet and I see whale sharks so I’m like that must mean that a whale and a shark have sex and then it made me think how do a whale and a shark have sex?,” she said on Discovery’s “Shark After Dark.” Please tell us more Tara! “There is a thing called whale sharks and then I realized whales are mammals and sharks are animals, so they have nothing to do with each other… So basically the dolphins have sex with each other but the sharks don’t, so then I thought, ‘How is it such a thing?’” Any last words on the subject? “But the difference is there is a whale shark which is the biggest shark in the ocean, he’s also scary and then you have the great white who’s also scary. There are over 400 kinds of shark but the whale shark is kind of interesting because he’s so mean – he’s like a killer.” And who says you don’t learn anything important reading Roll Call!

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