ROLL CALL: Miley Cyrus Wants A Chris Brown Face Tattoo?

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Hey Germany, She’s Just Being Miley: Miley Cyrus loves to mess with the press and this continued during an interview in Germany (via MTV News) where she joked about getting Chris Brown’s face tattooed on her cheek. “Didn’t one girl get ‘Drake’ across her forehead? That’s crazy. That’s a dedicated fan right there,” Miley deadpanned during a local TV chat. “I was thinking about maybe getting ‘Chris Brown’ across this cheek. It’d be really good for my career.” Unfortunately, she had a lost-in-Miley-translation moment and the joke was reported as fact in Germany. The star also had a Twitter snafu this week when she “butt Tweeted” a text message conversation to someone named Fefe, where she talked about crying herself to sleep and “taking a zany” so she could “pass out.” She then deleted the screen grab, writing, “Never mind. Realized I’m just an idiot & somehow I butt tweeted my conversation. Missing home”

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TGI-Stodden: No better ways to end your week than with Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison talking about their sex life in an online video chat. We have to immediately question the credibility of the interviewer as she referred to them as a “celebrity” couple. Highlights of the longest seven-minute interview in the history of the Internet include: Courtney revealing she has a cop fetish, Doug professing that their sex life is “very beautiful” and the admission that they have gone from once a day to just once a week. We keep hoping that Courtney is in on the joke, but we fear with gems of, “Frisk the heck out of me baby,” that she’s not.

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Pop Quiz!: And in keeping with today’s theme, enjoy Buzzfeed’s Celebrity Summer Boob quiz! (Roll Call got 8 out of 10 correct, can you beat our score?)

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