ROLL CALL: Mischa Barton: ‘Don’t Hate On My Yellow Banana Pants!’

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Mischa Defends The Giant Yellow Banana In The Room: Oh Mischa Barton, we applaud your fashion convictions! Just a day after photos surfaced of the actress working a pair of ill-fitting high-waisted yellow jeans (how could you forget this!), the actress defended her style choice. “That was my Easter outfit,” she told TMZ. “You guys shouldn’t be photographing me if you don’t like what I wear! Don’t hate on my yellow banana pants!” We’ll assume the same “no hate” rule applies to future fruit-inspired garments, as well?

Heidi’s Got Glock!: Now that White Wolf (Heidi Montag) has got herself a new face – the starlet is hoping to get a new career. On Monday she told Ryan Seacrest during an interview on “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” that she wants to be an action movie star – even though her new E or F sized breasts (depending on the bra) now impede her from jogging! “I actually have been training with guns and knives for years,” she said. “I go to the firing range. I’ve been training with my M4s and Glock-19 for years!” Heidi and guns can surely only lead to a disaster as devastating as her singing career – and surely her movie career!

Snooki Bigger Than A Beatle!?: GTL cannot be stopped – not even by Sir Paul McCartney! According to the New York Post’s Page Six, when the “Jersey Shore” cast arrived in Miami they caused a bigger scene than the former Beatle, who was also in town (but went unnoticed). The cast was reportedly swarmed by paparazzi and camera crews, shrouded by black umbrellas and were flanked by 20 security guards and two police cruisers. But Snooki is not a total diva just yet! The pint-sized Princess of Poughkeepsie showed up at the Miami airport still doing what she does best – making us laugh! See Snooki in action, HERE!

Joe & Demi’s Passion Runneth Over!: Those haters who claim that Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato are simply a studio contrived couple carrying on a bad showmance to move products… might have just gotten their proof! Or maybe they’re just shy about making out in the middle of a supermarket while the paparazzi snaps photos…you make the call!

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