ROLL CALL: Paris Banned & Britney’s Hand?

Your Daily Dispatch of Celebrity Shenanigans by Tommy Vergason

March 2, 2007

PARIS WHO? : What happens when one of the largest news outlets in the world decides to put a ban on stories about one of the most scrutinized celebrities in the business? THE ASSOCIATED PRESS decided to find out, when they placed an active ban on any Paris Hilton reports for one week, which included no AP coverage of Paris’ high-profile 26th birthday party in Beverly Hills. So, how did that ban work out for the AP? They’re happy to fill you in.

IS THE RING THE THING? : US WEEKLY certainly hasn’t banned another celebrity with a huge profile, as they report on the latest Britney Spears sighting. US reports on Britney’s alleged outing to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting on Wednesday night, and they are quick to point out that she had a ring on her left ring finger. US concedes that the ring is NOT the wedding ring given to her by Kevin Federline, but they allege that her wearing of a ring on that finger may be a symbol of an impending reconciliation for the estranged pair. According to their report, a source close to Federline tells them, “Kevin wants to get back together with her. He is her biggest supporter.”

THE ROCKS KEEP ROCKIN’ : Another celebrity couple are reportedly keeping their wedding rings on, despite rumors of trouble in their marriage. Chris Rock and wife Malaak Rock have released a statement to PEOPLE denying recent reports that they are having problems: “Though we have tried in the past to take the high road and not comment on the tabloid media, we find it necessary to express on record how unfortunate it is that the Daily News, specifically, and other tabloid outlets have chosen to print untrue rumors and lies about our family and marriage. It is extremely hurtful to us, our children, and our extended family. We remain, as always, very happy and committed to our marriage and the beautiful family that we have built.” This statement reaffirms an AP report in January in which Chris Rock denied divorce rumors. Incidentally, Chris Rock’s new movie, “I Think I Love My Wife,” opens in theaters today.

A ‘VIEW’ TO A KILL? : THE NEW YORK POST’s PAGE SIX reports on another alleged impending break-up, though not of the romantic kind. Following up on an on-air argument between Rosie O’Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck this past week on “The View,” PAGE SIX claims that a distressed Hasselbeck is planning on leaving the daytime show due to tensions with O’Donnell. A source reportedly claims that Elisabeth’s days on the show “are numbered,” and that she’s looking to leave the show for a permanent spot on the E! Network. O’Donnell’s rep, Cindi Berger, said to PAGE SIX, “They get along great. They have differences of opinion, but that’s what makes ‘The View’ so great and newsworthy.” Reps for “The View” reportedly did not return numerous calls.

NO BREAK FOR JAKE: Jake Gyllenhaal reportedly speaks of tension on the set while filming “Zodiac” in a report by THE NY DAILY NEWS’ RUSH & MOLLOY. While the film has been quite well-received by critics, one virtually universal complaint has been that the movie is unnecessarily long. Well, Gyllenhaal says that the thoroughness of director David Fincher‘s filming process was difficult to endure at times for the actors as well, according to the report. Fincher would allegedly make the actors do up to 70 takes of a single scene, and Gyllenhall had this to say to THE DAILY NEWS of the experience: “All actors are like, ‘It was a great time.’ The truth is, sometimes you have a great time, sometimes you don?t.”

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