Roll Call: Paris Hilton Drops New Song ‘Come Alive’

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Former Reality Star-Turned-DJ Tries Singing Again: Ready your earplugs – Paris Hilton is singing – again! It’s been eight years since Paris took a stab at the world of pop music (piercing just about everyone’s ears in the process), but she’s back with “Come Alive.” Some of Paris’ deep and profound lyrics include, “You make me smile / You make me dream / You make me feel alive.” Check out Paris’ new song – no word on the computing power needed to autotune this gem, but we’re guessing bays upon bays of servers and computer networks were grinded to a halt in the process!

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Madonna Gets Called: Even Madonna has to do things that no one enjoys! The pop star was called into jury duty this week, and captured the moment on Instagram. “Serving my country! Reporting to jury selection!#itshotinhere,” she captioned her photo. Could someone please turn on the AC for Madge!

Taylor Swift’s Life Might Be More Exciting Than Yours: It’s really hard to compete with the awesomeness that is Taylor Swift’s life. For instance, check out a day in the life of TayTay, on a boat, with a ton of friends, one of which who just happens to be Spider-Man… yep.

ICYMI Awkward Edition: In what might be the most awkward example of two celebrities sitting next to each other… please enjoy Victoria Beckham and Samuel L. Jackson at Wimbledon… it’s so awkward that it’s almost impossible to watch, but we also can’t stop thanks to Vine! Despite the viral, moment, the actor took to Twitter to dispel an notion of awkwardness. “I had a ball sitting next to @victoriabeckham at Wimbledon yesterday! Truly Lovely!STFU!!” he wrote.

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