ROLL CALL: Paris Hilton Looks For A New Nicole & 'Runway' Winner Gets 'Ugly'

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Paris Searches For A New Nicole: Now that Nicole Richie is a mother, it appears she's not fulfilling her duties as Paris' sidekick. Cue the new reality show! Paris is on the hunt for a new partner in crime in, "Paris Hilton's My New BFF," Variety reports. The show will feature 20 Paris-adoring girls competing to prove they have what it takes to be Paris' new number one. Those are some serious Jimmy Choos to fill!

Brit's Sitcom Raves Continue: The stellar reviews for Brit's stint on "How I Met Your Mother" continue to pour in. Alyson Hannigan told Access Hollywood, "She's just lovely. I was so excited to meet her. But I was just so surprised how funny she is. She just nailed her jokes and she's really playing a character and it's so sweet and so endearing and I love her." We said it once, but we'll say again, Britney should seriously consider making a switch to television. She could be the next great television comedy star!

Kim Kardashian Offers Brit A Makeover: In more Brit news, Kim Kardashian is offering the pop princess a makeover in a video post on her Web site, saying, "I would love, love, love to give Britney Spears a makeover. I think everyone wants to give her a makeover. But I think that she is so cute and sweet and has a great style. But it's all fallen apart and it's a mess now. I would love to bring her back to where she used to be."

'Runway' Winner To Get 'Ugly': Speaking of granting the wishes of the fashion-challenged, "Project Runway" winner Christian Siriano will reportedly make an appearance in "Ugly Betty," according to Seeing as there are trannies, hot-messes, and a lot room for fierceness on "Betty," we expect Christian will make a wonderful addition to one of the campiest shows on television. Not to mention, the thought of Christian calling Rebecca Romijn's character a "hot-mess tranny," has us diving for the record button on our DVRs.

Dial-A-Diddy: Sean "Diddy" Combs is doing his part to minimize the celeb-DUI trend. The rapper-mogul is launching a car service for celebs who've had too much to drink, Us Weekly reports. "After partnering with Ciroc vodka, he wants to make sure everyone's partying responsibly," a rep for Diddy told the mag. And also, "making sure nobody gets arrested!" Diddy added. When celebs look out for other celebs, it warms our hearts. But hasn't Diddy heard about taxicabs?

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