ROLL CALL: Penelope Cruz Walks Red Carpet With Acupuncture Needles In Her Ear!

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Pierced Penelope!: Is Penelope Cruz starting a new trend or just enjoying some Eastern medicine on the red carpet? The Spanish beauty was spotted (first by E! Online) walking the red carpet earlier this month with four acupuncture needles in her ear. No word on what the actress was getting help with, but acupuncture has been known to help of variety of issues including chronic pain, detoxification, nausea relief, the struggle of quitting smoking, weight loss and fertility issues. Anything you’d like to share Penelope?

“Toxic” Brit & “Les Mis’” Javert Separated At Birth?: Kudos to Team Britney for spotting the “Les Miserables” connection to her “Toxic”-era fashion! “LOL. Cute hat @RussellCrowe. You wear it well. Maybe we should perform a Toxic/Work Song mashup,” Britney (or we’re guessing her social media team) Tweeted. Check out fashion faceoff, HERE! Who wore that little blue beret better?

In More Separated At Birth Fun: Jennifer Lawrence in 2005 and Justin Timberlake in 1997 – same person? Discuss! See the (almost) proof!

Gaga-Bennet Album Confirmed: Lady Gaga is about to get her croon on! The pop star is teaming up with music legend Tony Bennett and has confirmed the news on Twitter, writing, “And here’s me and my handsome date, I simply cannot wait for our album together, he’s my darling!” Check out the wonderfully odd duo performing together at a private inauguration party for Obama’s staff, HERE!

Whoa! “Whoa” Explained!: Whoa! “Whoa” Explained!: Joey Lawrence has revealed the origins of his (dare we say) iconic “Blossom” catchphrase, “Whoa!” The actor said the word was originally supposed to sound more surfer-esque, but was not making people laugh. “The executive producer came up to me and said, ‘Can you try something else? … People aren’t finding it humorous,’” the actor told HuffPo. “I don’t know where that came from! I just tried it once and did this weird thing and people laughed. They laughed tremendously long. We did a second take and they laughed again.” Adding, “It’s so weird that word has transcended 20 years… I can only imagine what that word would have been had social media been what it is today. It took off in the course of one night once it hit the airwaves, but with social media, it probably would have been twice as fast.” #Whoa!

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