ROLL CALL: Proud Mama Bullock And Homeless Halle?

Your Daily Dispatch of Celebrity Shenanigans by Tommy Vergason

March 15, 2007

YOUR LOVE IS MY LOVE: Sandra Bullock loves being a mom, even if her children are not biologically hers. In an interview with PEOPLE, Bullock speaks on her life with the three children she “inherited” upon marrying husband Jesse James two years ago: “I have children, amazing children,” she reportedly tells PEOPLE. “My love and my want for their future and their happiness, for their homework to be done and for them to know how smart and beautiful they are is no less than if I’d had a child on my own,” she says. As far as the general atmosphere around the house? According to the article, it’s a playful one: “Everyone teases everyone,” Bullock reportedly says. “So you better have your game on or you’re in big trouble, because if you’re taken down by a 9-year-old, that’s a really humbling experience.”

FROM RAGS TO RICHES : In a revealing interview with READER’S DIGEST, Oscar winner Halle Berry says that she had once stayed at a homeless shelter, reports US WEEKLY. The article claims that at the age of 21, Halle had gone broke, and went to stay at the shelter when her mother reportedly refused to send her money. She is quoted as saying, “But a girl had to do what a girl had to do. You can do that when you’re 21 and ambitious and your eyes are this big and you don’t want to go home. I became a person who knows that I will always make my own way.”

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A SILENCED ‘SWEENEY’ : E! ONLINE reports that production on Johnny Depp‘s latest film, “Sweeney Todd,” has been suspended until Depp’s ailing daughter recovers her full health. Lily-Rose, the elder of Depp’s two children with longtime girlfriend Vanessa Paradis, was reportedly discharged Mar. 9 from a London hospital, with the actor’s rep saying the child was “doing much better.” A Dreamworks representative issued a statement on the temporary set shutdown, which reads: “We’ve adjusted his schedule to fit in with his needs. Everybody’s with them in good spirits.” British publication THE SUN claims that a source close to the film has said that everyone on the set who has been sent home will be re-employed when Lily-Rose is better and Depp decides to continue filming.

FOXWORTHY’S FIFTH-GRADE FUN : TV GUIDE features an interview with “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader” host Jeff Foxworthy, in which he talks about the joys of working on the new hit game show that challenges adults with questions found in grade-school curriculum. When asked the question referenced in the title of the show, the veteran comedian responds with a sigh: “No, I’m not [smarter than a fifth grader]. Well, maybe I am because I’m actually doing the same things I did in the fifth grade, and now I’m getting paid for it. I’m getting paid to make the class laugh.”

MULDER MULLS COMEDY : David Duchovny is preparing to make people laugh by starring in a new comedy series for Showtime, reports VARIETY. Appearing in his first show since completing “The X-Files” in 2002, Duchovny will reportedly play a divorced writer juggling a relationship with his 16-year-old daughter while still carrying a torch for his ex-girlfriend, played by Natascha McElhone. In addition to his personal and professional issues, he’s got an even bigger problem: He’s addicted to women. The still-untitled comedy is expected to premiere on Showtime this summer as a companion to “Weeds.”

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