ROLL CALL: Rebel Wilson Launches T-Shirt Line For ‘Horizontal Running’ & ‘Bludging On The Couch’

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Rebel’s Awesome New Line: Some stars launch high-end fashion lines, but Rebel Wilson (breakout star of “Bridesmaids” and “Pitch Perfect”) has started her own line with a more casual slant. “If you need some cupcake or donut power in your life, check out my T-shirt experiment site,” she Tweeted about her T-shirt line, Fat Mandi, which is named after a character she created. So what should one do in Rebel’s line, that features donuts and cupcakes adorning the wearer’s chest area? “They are excellent T’s for horizontal running or just bludging [Australian slang for relaxing] on the couch.” Check out Rebel’s tees, HERE!

A Lap Dance We Never Wanted To See: David Arquette gyrating on Adam Lambert – see it HERE, if you dare!

More Things We Don’t Need To See: Justin Bieber outside in just his underwear, HERE!

Comparisons We Never Want To Hear: After his alleged fight with Frank Ocean, Chris Brown has decided he feels like a religious icon. “Painting the way I feel today. Focus on what matters!” the singer wrote, posting a photo of Jesus on a cross. Because when we think of Jesus, we think of Chris Brown. Check his painting on his Instagram account, HERE.

-- Jesse Spero

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