ROLL CALL: RPattz’s Secrets To Sexiness – Being Pale & Scrawny

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RPattz’s Secrets To Sexiness: Pale & Scrawny: Want to score with the ladies RPattz-style? Quit going to the gym and avoid the sun! Taylor Lautner might have the girls (and gays) panting with his werewolf muscles, but according to his co-star Robert Pattinson – the secret to sexiness is all about being scrawny and pale. “The paler you are, the better you do with women,” Robert told People. “Becoming essentially a sex symbol, being English, you realize you can break a bunch of molds that I don’t think many people realize you can – you don’t need to go to the gym or anything!” Well, it certainly got Kristen Stewart to hold his hand.

Brit’s Twitter Hacked: Britney Spears’ Twitter account was hacked early on Thursday morning. “I give myself to Lucifer every day for it to arrive as quickly as possible. Glory to Satan!” the hacker posted on Brit’s Twitter account. “I hope that the new world order will arrive as soon as possible!” Luckily, the real Team Brit corrected the problem and said, “Britney’s twitter account was just hacked. The situation has been resolved and we apologize for any offense the hacker’s messages caused.” We’ve loved all versions of Brit over the years, but we’re not ready for Satan Brit.

Posh & Madge Sharing Frocks: Posh is on top of the world according to British Harper’s Bazaar, because a dress of hers worn by Madonna might have helped the singer snag her current man-cessory, Jesus Luz. “We must be the same size, because it fitted the same,” Posh told the mag, referring to a dress Madonna wore during her racy W magazine shoot where she first met the Brazilian model. “My dress has never seen so much action. I was really quite pleased for it.” We’re assuming Posh meant the action during the photo shoot and not action the dress saw when it may, or may not, have been crumpled in a ball on the floor of Madonna’s hotel room.

Why Why Wynonna!?!?: It looks like “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kim Zolciak found her first customer for her wig line! XOXO – Roll Call!

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