ROLL CALL: Singer Katy Perry Wants A Britney-Madonna Kiss With Miley

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Singer Katy Perry: I Want To Kiss Miley: Katy Perry’s new #1 song, “I Kissed A Girl,” is one of the summer’s biggest hits, and it appears the singer is not quite done kissing other girls. Which celeb would Katy like a smooch with? “Miley Cyrus!” she told the latest issue of Steppin’ Out magazine.“She’s the lucky girl. It’s cool to hear through the grapevine that Miley Cyrus has my song as her ring tone.” And would the kiss be reminiscent of another famous pop star smackeroo? “Maybe we’ll have another Britney-Madonna moment on stage,” Perry joked to the mag. “How hilarious would that be? Although I don’t think it would help her career. However, it would definitely help mine!”

No Swelled Head For Will: Will Smith may be a mega-celeb, who hangs with other mega-celebs like Tom Cruise & David Beckham, but his old friends say he’s still the down-to-earth guy they’ve always known. “He’s the biggest movie star on the planet, [but] he’s still the same Will – the same good guy,” DJ Jazzy Jeff told People at the 33 Club Party presented by at the Roseland Theater in New York on Sunday. “He’s just a little harder to get in touch with.” It appears former sidekick DJs just do “understand.”

“Hills’” Lauren Google Dates: Lauren Conrad is known for ups and downs with her boyfriends and for having her good friends there to back her up — but her friends aren’t the only one helping Lauren navigate the dating world. Lauren told PopSugar she Googles guys before going on a date with them. “Yeah, [for] all of them!” she said. “But I don’t believe everything I read though. I Google pictures to see ex-girlfriends and stuff.” Potential suitors --- be sure to delete all incriminating evidence from your Facebook and MySpace before asking LC out.

Kristen Bell’s Electrifying Return To “Heroes”: Actress Kristen Bell will be back on NBC’s “Heroes” for a multiple episode arc, People reports. Bell will return as Elle Bishop, who wields the power of electricity, and it appears the actress is happy to zap again. “I’m just happy to be electrocuting people again!” she told the mag. The third season of “Heroes” premieres Sept. 22 on NBC.

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