ROLL CALL: ‘Star Trek’s’ Chris Pine To Boldly Not Go Where Lindsay Lohan Has Gone Before

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Chris Pine To Boldly Not Go Where LiLo Has Gone Before: “Star Trek” star Chris Pine got his start working with Lindsay Lohan in 2006’s “Just My Luck,” but the new James T. Kirk told GQ’s June issue that he’s not looking to follow in Lindsay’s footsteps. “She was making a lot of money and attracting a lot of attention from the paparazzi. It put in stark relief that I don’t want that kind of life,” Chris said of Lindsay. “I won’t tell my publicist I’m going to Starbucks in twenty minutes and to call the photographers.” But he did go for a shirtless jog the day before his movie opened at a public park – we’re just saying!

New Couple Alert? - Portman & Penn?: Speaking of boldly going places – according to the New York Post’s Page Six, Natalie Portman has been seen “cavorting” in LA with recently single Sean Penn. Guess it’s time to update’s Celebrity May-December Romances gallery!

Hugh Gets Behind The Wheel: Hugh Jackman is also going places – without his personal driver. The “Wolverine” star finally got his NY driver’s license this week at a Staten Island DMV, The New York Daily News’ Gatecrasher reported. He reportedly “passed with flying colors,” a witness told the paper. After getting his license to drive, Hugh stopped by the nearby Corporate Grind deli for a sandwich and some lottery tickets. Hmmm, millionaires playing the lotto… if he wins, we’re gonna assume it will all go to charity.

The Josh Lucas Taste Test: Actor Josh Lucas won’t be looking for love on Twitter. The “Management” star told People he likes to get to know a woman in person – along with finding out how she tastes. “If you don’t end up sitting down and really having face time, and saying ‘Hi, who are you, what are you about,’ smelling their breath and seeing how they taste, it makes a huge difference,” he said. Let’s hope he asked Rachel McAdams before smelling her breath!

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