ROLL CALL: ‘Top Gun 2’ Screenwriter Says Maverick Won’t Be Planned Sequel’s Wingman

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Will Maverick Fly Again?: In movie sequel news, according to New York Magazine’s Vulture blog, another “Top Gun” movie is in the works and Maverick won’t be the planned movie’s wingman. “There is no ‘Top Gun 2’ in which Maverick is not the starring role,” screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie told the blog. Roll Call would like to note that Tom Cruise has not signed on to the planned project and the sequel is reportedly being developed by Paramount. More importantly, will there be more volleyball in this new movie? On a side note, check out this news today about planned “Avatar” and “Batman” sequels!

Taylor Momsen Hates Technology!: Taylor Momsen – our favorite “Gossip Girl” star-turned-angsty rocker — reportedly kept her bad girl attitude going last night during a concert at the Roxy in Hollywood, E! Online reported. “I know this is the modern age and everyone’s got cameras and cell phones and video cameras,” Taylor reportedly told the crowd. “But I’d really appreciate it if you’d put that f***ing s*** down… “I know it’s very cool to videotape and put it on YouTube the next day, but, frankly, it completely takes away from the show. I’d thoroughly appreciate it if you’d put that s*** down and put your hands in the air…I want everyone’s hands in the f***ing air.” And Taylor, we’d want you to use words that don’t require so many ***‘s!

Oh No Ro!: Rosario Dawson got all dressed up last night for her senior prom… oops, Roll Call’s mistake, we meant the “Unstoppable” premiere in Hollywood. We’re glad to see that over-sized shoulder bows have returned to the forefront of fashion.

“Glee’s” Flesh Fest: We haven’t watched that last night’s “Glee” yet, which was “Rocky Horror Picture Show” themed, but the New York Post’s PopWrap just gave us three reasons to log on to Hulu right now and watch!

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