ROLL CALL: Who Is Worth More? Demi Moore Or Ashton Kutcher?

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Who Leaves With A Bigger Bankroll?: Now that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have announced their split, it’s time to divvy up their lives and assets… but who is worth more? According to E! Online, Ashton is the bigger bread winner. “As painful as this is to say, Ashton has great earning potential from here on out, and Demi Moore does not,” Forbes’ Dorothy Pomerantz told E!. “Because of ‘Two and a Half Men,’ he is earning close to $700,000 an episode, and if his show goes into syndication he will earn more from that. Having a hit show gives you amazing earning potential.” So far this year, he reportedly pulled in another $2 million from his movies, $1 million from his restaurants and $1 million from “That ‘70s Show” residuals. As for Demi, she’s estimated to have made approximately $5 million from endorsement deals and residuals.

The Work Don’t Stop!: And the same day the split was announced, Ashton was photographed at work on “Two and a Half Men,” check out the star, HERE!

Bradley Cooper Incites Protesters!: Sexiest Man Alive 2011 drama continues! Team Ryan Gosling – still not happy about Bradley Cooper nabbing the coveted title – gathered in New York City outside the offices of People magazine. The crowd of around 15 protested the Bradley injustice wearing Ryan masks and braving the rain. #PleaseGoOccupySomethingMoreImportant!

Gaga’s Junk: Speaking of important matters, just in case you missed it, Diddy wrote a coffee table book about booty, titled “Culo”… and Lady Gaga is treating fans to a whole lot of her culo! Check out the junk in Gaga’s trunk, HERE!

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