ROLL CALL: ‘Who Owns’ Miley Cyrus’ Heart? Club Kids Do!

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Miley’s Racy New Video Drops: Miley Cyrus has dropped the video for her new single “Who Owns My Heart?” and once again she’s showing the world that she “Can’t Be Tamed”! The video shows the 17-year-old getting ready for a night out on the town (hair in rollers), writhing around on a bed (and also on top of a table and in the back of a limo) and then ends with the singer grinding on numerous guys and girls at a rave-like club. Multiple reports are already questioning if the video is too racy, but the Access staff couldn’t help but shake our butts in our seats while watching. See the video, HERE!

Iggy Wants LiLo!: Who should play punk icon Iggy Pop when – and if – The Stooges biopic ever gets made? According to former Stooges frontman Iggy, he wants Lindsay Lohan. “If somebody did want to make a biopic of me I think they should get Lindsay Lohan actually. She looks like me and she’s the only one with enough attitude too. They could tape her boobs up or something. She’s been in jail at the right age and everything so I thought she could do it,” Iggy recently told Australia’s Triple J radio. Since Lindsay is currently in rehab, we’re pretty sure she’s busy with other more important things, but we’ll try to pass this message along.

Amy’s May-December Night Out: Amy Winehouse hit the town on Thursday and found herself a new silver fox – well, silver something at least! The singer showed up at the launch party of City Burlesque in London on Wednesday night in a fetching leopard-print frock and then found her way to the lap of an older gentleman. Aww love, sweet (Winehouse-style) love! No word on who the man is, or if they knew each other previously, but we’re pretty sure he’s a better option than “My Blake Incarcerated.”

Stephen’s Party In The Front!: Hagrid from “Harry Potter” was spotted… wait, whoops, sorry, it appears as if Roll Call mistook “True Blood’s” Stephen Moyer for the haggardly half-giant, Rubeus Hagrid (minus the beard). Really, Stephen? Really??? Did the bottle of henna go awry? Did one of your kids rub a balloon on your head before you left for the red carpet? Let us give you a little advice. It’s OK that your hair is thinning a little and going gray – it happens to the best of us, but just step away from the dye and the hair pick, for everyone’s sake. XOXO, Roll Call. (See Stephen’s hair don’t, HERE!)

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