ROLL CALL: Why Is Kris Allen Sleeping On A Blowup Mattress?

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Kris Allen Is Blowing Up!: Kris Allen might be an “American Idol,” but he’s not exactly living the high life – at least not yet. “Furniture,” Kris told People when asked what’s missing in his life. “We don’t have any furniture in the house yet, but we are trying to find it. We don’t have time… so that’s why we are sleeping on a blowup mattress right now.” We can only assume his Aero bed sits on a pile of “Idol” money.

Natalie On Jake: ‘He’s Ugly’: Natalie Portman loves her some Jake Gyllenhaal – but just don’t ask her what she thinks about her “Brothers” co-star’s looks. “Jake is the kind of guy who can do a spot-on impression of someone you work with that will make you giggle. He plays guitar and has a great voice. Kids and dogs love him. He loves his mom and sister and girlfriend. He’s perfect,” Natalie told The New York Post’s Pop Warp. “Too bag he’s ugly.” Maybe “ugly” is the new “hot,” and we’re only just now catching on?

RPattz & KStew Do Dinner: “Twilight’s” unofficial and unconfirmed couple, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, were spotted by Radar on Sunday night grabbing dinner at NYC’s Megu. They reportedly left the Japanese restaurant separately and parted ways for the night. For not dating, they sure do spend a lot of time having dinner together… we predict a public acknowledgement of their love in the next few months!

Joe Jonas Gets Taylor Guns: Is Joe Jonas trying to win back Taylor Swift from Taylor Lautner with some Jacob Black-esque guns? We’re a bit dizzy from writing that sentence… but check out Joe’s new wolf pack worthy arms, HERE!

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