Royal Wedding News Roundup: Prince Harry’s Reception Hangover Cure, The Queen’s Plans & More

There are just four days left until the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton and London, England, is caught up in Royal Wedding fever!

Final preparations are being made for the big day (April 29) and the Royal Family is getting set for the influx of guests into Buckingham Palace for the big 300-person after-wedding bash.

From The Queen’s plans, to Prince’s Harry’s hangover cure, here’s a roundup of the wedding-related stories making headlines in the UK:

The Queen… Out!: While she’s happy to host her grandson’s post-wedding bash at Buckingham Palace, don’t expect Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth, to hang around while William and Kate’s friends are partying down. According to The Mirror, Lizzie is packing and heading for the hills – specifically Windsor Castle. While granny will be gone, there will be some parental supervision around the 300 or so partiers – Prince Charles and Camilla will be at the bash.

Prince Harry’s Hangover Cure: After partying all night on champagne, cocktails and spirits in the Palace’s 19 staterooms, people are going to be hungry and Prince Harry is coming to their rescue. The ginger prince has already made preparations to have “sarnies” (as in sandwiches) and fry ups (traditionally: eggs, bacon, sausage, baked beans, tomatoes, fried toast and black pudding) ready to go for 6 AM on Saturday morning, The Sun reported. “It won’t be for the oldies, but the young ones. Harry has organized a survivors’ breakfast,” a source told the newspaper. “He is determined to make this a night to remember.”

Just A ‘Guy’: With the official guest list and Royal Wedding seating chart revealed, a number of controversies have erupted in the press – from Princess Diana’s family – The Spencers – sitting on the bride’s side of the church (not the groom’s) to who invited Guy Ritchie. A royal source told The Daily Mail that despite the fact that Madonna’s ex-husband has been listed as a “friend” of the couple’s, no one is exactly sure how or why he knows William and Kate. “He can’t be that good a friend as he is sitting with the public,” the source added

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