Russell Crowe Storms Out Of Interview Over ‘Robin Hood’ Accent Questions

Moviegoers who think they detect a hint of an Irish accent in Russell Crowe’s “Robin Hood” might want to think twice before telling that to the Australian actor – his reaction might not be so merry.

On Wednesday, Russell walked out of an interview with BBC Radio’s Mark Lawson at the Cannes Film Festival when he was questioned if there was a hint of an Irish accent in his latest big screen character.

“You’ve got dead ears, mate. You’ve seriously got dead ears if you think that’s an Irish accent,” Russell said, followed by a British slang expletive.

The 46-year-old actor continued with the interview and then paused to go back to the accent question, saying, “I’m a little dumbfounded you could possibly find any Irish in that character. That’s kind of ridiculous, but it’s your show.”

The interviewer then asked, “You were going for Northern English?”

“No I was going for an Italian, yeah. Missed it?” Russell said laughing. “F**k me. Anyway.”

Russell is then asked about a report that while filming 2000’s “Gladiator” that he didn’t want to say the movie’s famous line, “I’ll take my revenge in this life or the next,” which promptly ended the interview.

“I don’t get the Irish thing, by the way. I don’t get it at all,” Russell can be heard saying, while heading to the door.

Listen to BBC Radio’s uncomfortable Russell Crowe interview, HERE!

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