Ryan Lochte: ‘I Lost My Grill Last Night In Beijing’

It’s week two of the Olympics, and since most of the U.S. swim team is done with their events, Access Hollywood is turning loose their secret weapon – guest correspondent and four-time Olympian, Amanda Beard!

First up for Amanda was an interview Tuesday with none other than her own teammates, at an event at the Speedo House in Beijing.

And she got some very interesting answers from laid-back ladies’ man, Ryan Lochte, who won 2 gold medals and 2 bronzes in Beijing.

First of all, yes, the headline is true; Ryan lost his grill last night while out partying last night in Beijing (for anyone who does not know what a grill is, it is a silver cast of his teeth – a very popular fashion accessory for the young folks!).

What are you gonna do with your medals when you get home?” Amanda asked Ryan.

“Probably just gonna put ‘em under a couch or something,” Ryan replied.

What’s the first thing Ryan’s gonna eat when he gets back to the States? – Taco Bell.

And Ryan told Amanda that he’s planning on buying either a purple or white Lamborghini or Aston-Martin, in the very near future.

Hey, at least he didn’t say again that he’s gonna go eat at McDonald’s!

Shortly after Amanda’s interview with Ryan began, his best buddy — this guy named Michael Phelps — came over and joined in. 

Amongst other things, Michael shared with us that he’s gotten about a combined 6 hours of sleep since Sunday, and that he plans to do some shopping at the markets in Beijing before he leaves on Thursday.

Catch all of their interview together, Tuesday night on Access Hollywood.

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