Sam Worthington Dishes On ‘Clash Of The Titans’ & ‘Avatar’ Sequels; Talks Krav Maga Training For ‘The Debt’

Sam Worthington will soon return to the big screen as the stubborn and courageous demi-god Perseus for the upcoming “Clash of the Titans 2,” and the Aussie actor says the second movie in the Greek mythology story is going be “terrific.”

“We just finished,” Sam told Access Hollywood of filming the “Clash of the Titans” sequel, at the junket for his upcoming thriller, “The Debt,” in Los Angeles on Saturday. “[I] loved it. It’s great. I love working with [director] Jonathan Liebesman and you know, I think this is Jonathan Liebesman’s take on what ‘Clash of the Titans’ should be, and I think it’s going to be terrific.”

Though the film is titled “Clash of the Titans 2” — set to hit theaters in March 2012, Sam said the action movie is not necessarily a sequel, and doesn’t pick up exactly where the last film left off.

“[The movie] is kind of a progression of the story,” Sam said. “We kind of just twist it on its head and try to make our own version. Jonathan didn’t want to come in and make just a pure sequel — we wanted to kind of reboot what we had done, which is kind of weird, but you know…”

In addition to “Clash,” the 35-year-old actor has yet another blockbuster sequel in the works – a follow-up to 2009’s highest-grossing film of all time, “Avatar” – but beyond confirming that the sequel is in the works, Sam said he had to remain tight-lipped.

“I can’t tell you nothing or I’ll have to kill you – or Jim and his Marines would have to kill you!” Sam joked, referencing “Avatar” director/writer James Cameron. “But he’s told me the story — he’s told me a rough outline and it’s monumental and it’s what you’d expect. You get in back into a bigger broader world, which is going to be very exciting.”

As for Sam’s current project, “The Debt,” co-starring Helen Mirren and “The Help” star Jessica Chastain, the actor had to undergo intense training in the gritty martial art of Krav Maga in order to play an Israeli Mossad agent on the hunt for a Nazi war criminal.

“It’s what the Israeli army uses — it’s a very attacking form of self-defense,” Sam said of the brutal martial art. “You’re going to get hit. Most self-defenses you don’t want to get hit, [but] this is put your body on the line if you get the objective done.

“I think that was a very good key for us to get into the mind of the Mossad agents [where] no matter what happens, they’re always going to be going forward with the mission,” he added.

“The Debt” hits theaters on August 31.

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