Sandra Bullock: How Son Louis Helped Her Get Through Gravity

Sandra Bullock teamed up with George Clooney for the suspense film “Gravity,” but her real co-star in the film was the box she was stuck in while filming.

Filming the October 4-due movie, about a medical engineer and an astronaut who work together to try and survive after an accident sets them adrift in space, meant Sandra spent a lot of time alone.

“Every day was different,” she told Access Hollywood’s Scott Mantz at the Toronto International Film Festival about shooting in a box. “I ended up relying a lot on music and sounds and just having the sound man be your best friend.”

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Sandra said if she had a little too much of being inside the box, the sound person would find someone to retrieve her toddler son, Louis.

“If I was cracking under the pressure he would radio someone to go get Louis to come in and bring Louis in,” she said. “But I couldn’t get out to hold him, which was so frustrating. It was like a little bit of torture.

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“But you know what? Everyone was so supportive and sweet that you just knew that as miserable as you were there were about 50 people standing in the dark going, ‘What can we do?’” she continued. “And just seeing them… it was one of the kindest group of people that I’d ever been around. And I just, you know, I felt very lucky.”

Sandra hopes audiences respond to the film when it hits the theaters later this year.

“It is pretty spectacular and I can only say that because that mad genius right there [director Alfonso Cuaron] had it in his head the whole time and we just had to trust that whatever he was coming up with was going to be something that was gonna translate, and it did,” she said. “And… he did it with the technology never having existed before, no one had ever done it before. So I’m pretty honored to be in this company.”

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