‘Scandal’: 5 OMG Moments From ‘Ride, Sally, Ride’

“Scandal” came back with a roar on Thursday night, after a torturous two-month mid-season hiatus.

And, as promised by series creator Shonda Rhimes (as well as the show’s stars), the ABC drama’s return was full of twists and juicy turns!

AccessHollywood.com counts down the top 5 OMG moments from Thursday’s episode, appropriately titled “Ride, Sally, Ride”:

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(Major spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched this week’s “Scandal,” obviously.)

Daddy’s Threat: Oh boy… After throwing the “The President told me how you taste” card down (along with the “you’ve been ‘defiled’” cherry on top), Rowan/Eli Pope told Liv she should be “terrified” of what he’s got in store for those involved with booting him from his post as B613 Command. Daddy Pope basically announced he plans to off Fitz (?!), and warned Liv that she should start mourning the loss of the President now, as his demise is imminent.

Ooooooooh, Sally Be CRAZY!: Following the Stabby Sally incident, the VP unleashed a whole new level of insanity when she told her campaign manager that she had not actually stabbed her wayward, closeted husband to death – it was the devil “when he snuck inside of me.” So, you know, the devil used her hand as “a vessel of murder.” (Backs away slowly…)

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Matchmaker Mellie: The ever-scheming First Lady attempted to take the press’ focus off rumors claiming Fitz is cheating with Liv by planning a highly-photographed public lunch date with her nemesis. Mellie hissed blistering insults through clenched teeth at Olivia, all while maintaining an ear-to-ear grin for the watching paparazzi. She capped the ice-cold gals brunch off with a new plan to throw the press off of the adultery scent: a list of eligible bachelors for Liv to date.

Adnan The Terrible Is… A Super Hot Woman: So the mysterious killer Harrison has been terrified of for the past few episodes has returned, and surprise! Adnan is a super sexy female with great hair and an equally great red coat. Harrison and his would-be killer quickly reacquainted themselves (and all of their body parts) with each other on top of his desk.

James’ Change Of Heart: After appearing as if he would remain silent regarding Cyrus’ role in Stabby Sally’s homicide cover-up (in exchange for his new power-post as White House Press Secretary), James planted a recording device in his husband’s office and handed it over to David Rosen – along with the admission that his husband is a “brilliant, maniacal” monster, and the promise to do whatever it takes to bring “that monster down.” Oh, SNAP, James. Snap!

*An honorable mention goes to Abby for her handgun-safety instructions to Harrison, which included the gem, “You’re not supposed to tuck it in your waistband or else you could shoot off your penis.” Consider yourself informed.

-- Erin O’Sullivan

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