Scandal: How Should Kerry Washington’s Pregnancy Be Handled On The Show?

Happy reports of a pregnancy for Kerry Washington surfaced on Wednesday, leaving “Scandal” fans to wonder how the actress’ soon-to-be-visible baby bump will be handled on the show.

Let’s break down the most obvious available options, Gladiators:

Hide It: “Scandal” could choose to leave Kerry’s baby out of Olivia Pope’s storyline completely. We would suddenly see a lot of tight shots on Liv’s face, and, when closeups are impossible, Liv would be seen wearing bulky clothes and frequently carrying bags and random objects in front of her stomach (a la Morena Baccarin and Claire Danes on “Homeland”). We predict cash for many more Burberry coats will soon be built into the “Scandal” wardrobe budget if Shonda Rhimes and company choose this route!

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Viva Olitz!: In what would arguably be the most “Scandal”-ous of all the options, Liv could wind up carrying the President’s seed. This would create some amazing drama! How would Cyrus, Mellie and Rowan/Eli Pope (Joe Morton) throw an intern under the bus this time?! And, we all remember Daddy Pope’s blistering speech to Liv about his disappointment with her sunken standards, aiming so low as to be “The President’s mistress.” Can you even imagine what he’d say about Liv becoming the White House Baby Mama?!?

An Olake Love Child: Olivia, who has recently rekindled her romance with Jake Ballard (Scott Foley), could end up pregnant with Jake’s baby. What would an Olake baby do to Olitz?! The horror! Would Liv’s relationship with President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn) be destroyed once and for all with this option? And, as we know from Huck’s “7:52” episode, Liv’s cold-blooded dad has a way of removing his B613 agent’s familial distractions… would he have his own grandchild killed? We hope we don’t ever find out…

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Olivia Pope, Proud Single Mom: Perhaps after years of managing hair-raising, adrenaline-spiking crises (and the revelation that her closest family member, Daddy Pope, is B613’s Command), Liv might be ready to welcome warm, cuddly maternal love into her hectic life and start a family on her own. She could go the way of Jennifer Lopez in “The Backup Plan” and decide to take family matters into her own hands, utilize a sperm donor and keep the Pope line going solo. She could simply set up a crib at OPA headquarters (but let’s keep Quinn out of the office nursery ‘til she’s taken her crazy down a bit, please).

Enter A New Love Interest: There’s always a chance someone new could enter Liv’s life and become baby daddy number one. Or, a past love connection could spark once again – perhaps with (gasp) former fiance Edison? Or, a currently strictly-friend-zone tie could turn romantic – we’re looking at you, Harrison, with your sexy suits and newly-revealed dance moves!

VOTE: Would you like to see Kerry Washington’s pregnancy written into the “Scandal” plot?

-- Erin O’Sullivan

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