‘Scandal’ Season 3 Finale: 7 Biggest Bombshells

“Scandal” promised a ridiculous amount of twisty drama on Thursday’s Season 3 finale, and the ABC series delivered!

AccessHollywood.com counts down the 7 biggest bombshells from the finale:

(Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched it yet, obviously.)

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Liv Cuddles Papa Pope: He’s had a few of her of friends killed, he’s threatened to kill her boyfriend/The President, yet on Thursday night, Olivia Pope rested her head on Papa Pope’s chest and had a father/daughter snuggle as he recuperated in the hospital from a stab wound delivered by Liv’s mother.

Mellie’s Big Jerry Secret Is Out: FINALLY, Fitz knows! Olivia tells Fitz that his father raped Mellie. He goes to his wife… Vermont is off (for now).

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Little Jerry Is Toast: Little Jerry sneezes blood, then collapses on stage during a one of Fitz’s campaign speeches. Fitz carries Jerry’s limp body to a waiting car, but it’s too late. The President’s son dies of bacterial meningitis. Twist: Little Jerry was infected with a strain of meningitis under lock and key, a vial of which had been recently stolen by Maya Pope.

Liv’s Quitting: Olivia has decided she wants to stand in the sun. She asks Papa Pope if he can procure a private plane and a new life for her once again – she’s done. Abby is mad. Jake wants to go too.

Huck, The Family Man: In a fit of jealousy, Charlie gives info on Huck’s wife and son’s whereabouts to Quinn. Quinn takes Huck to his estranged family’s house. He sees them through a window and goes scary-Huck, demands Quinn never speak to him again and storms off to Liv’s house. Liv counsels a sobbing Huck to try to talk to his former wife. Later in the episode he shows up at his wife’s door with a simple, “Hi.”

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Papa Pope, You Evil, Evil Genius! After cuddling Liv from his hospital bed, Rowan/Eli Pope offers to help Fitz gets revenge on Maya for Little Jerry’s death. He tracks down Harrison, shows him photos of a now-deceased Adnan to get him to spill the dirt on Maya’s location. After apprehending Maya, Papa Pope tells Fitz that he caught Maya and she is dead. When Harrison finds out Liv has left with Jake, he pays Papa Pope – now conveniently reinstated as B613 Command – a visit, begging him to make Liv return. While the pair are chatting, it comes to light that it was Papa Pope who infected Little Jerry with meningitis (The President stole his daughter, so, a child for a child), and he also killed Adnan to gain Harrison’s trust. The scene ends with Papa pointing a gun at Harrison’s head. Twist: Papa opens the dreaded B613 hole and guess who’s smirking from below? A very alive Maya Pope. He masterminded quite a plot to get Liv out of the country, and his Command title back.

Fitz’s Shaky Win: Thanks to the death of his son, Fitz wins another term in the White House. He walks to the Oval Office to “celebrate” with a shot of booze, but can barely keep his hand steady enough to pour a drink. Mellie, also blind with grief over the loss of Little Jerry, tries to get Liv on the phone, but Liv declines their calls as she and Jake takeoff on Papa’s private plane, headed for their new life.

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