Scarlett Johansson: A Modern-Day Marilyn Monroe?

As she strode down the red carpet in a black strapless Louis Vuitton, Scarlett Johansson was the very definition of old Hollywood glamour on Monday night at Elle magazine’s Women In Hollywood celebration.

And perhaps it’s fitting that Scarlett’s style has often garnered comparisons to the starlets of generations past, as some have even compared her to Hollywood’s most notable female icon.

“You have been called the modern day Marilyn Monroe,” Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson told Scarlett on the red carpet. “That’s such a title. When you think about that, how do you feel?”

“Well I’m a huge fan of Marilyn,” Scarlett said. “She was always so glamorous and hopefully, it’s not the tragedy that reminds everybody. Certainly, she had an incredible sort of seamless sexiness and grace that was just divine.”

But does the 22-year-old actress see in herself what so many others do?

“When you look in the mirror do you see glamour? A woman as beautiful as you, do you see what all the fuss is about?” Shaun asked her.

“Tonight, I look in the mirror and I think, ‘Oh I look glamorous.’ But I also wake up at 5:30 (in the morning) to go to work everyday. At that time, I’m just like, ‘Oh man I hope that the hair and makeup people show up today because this isn’t going to work,’” Scarlett said with a laugh.

Scarlett was one of seven women being honored on Monday by Elle at the annual event.

The other honorees included Diane Lane, Lauren Bacall, Jennifer Connelly, Kate Bosworth, Amy Adams and director Julie Taymor.

And despite the high praise and comparisons to a legend, the humble Scarlett found herself in awe of one of her fellow honorees.

“You have so many wonderful women here. Who would you just love to work with?” Shaun asked.

“Lauren Bacall,” Scarlett said without skipping a beat. “I would just love to work with her. I’m such a fan of hers and I’m just so excited to meet her tonight.”

All of the night’s honorees are profiled in November’s Elle magazine.

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