Scarlett Johansson On Courtney Love, New Album & Her Racy Woody Allen Film

While promoting her upcoming film, "The Other Boylen Girl," Scarlett Johansson opened up to Access Hollywood about her rumored Courtney Love role and her upcoming album.

Scarlett squashed rumors that she is set to play a young Courtney Love in the Kurt Cobain biopic, saying, "I have not seen a script. I read that about myself in a gossip magazine, but I never read a script or anything. I don't know."

However, one music related area Scarlett could confirm is the upcoming release of her new album.

"[My] album comes out in May, which is exciting. It was a whole other magical experience for me. It was amazing. I worked with some incredible people and was just able to work, do something completely different. I recorded in a very remote area and just have free reign to be crazy crazy and so that is exciting," she told Access.

And as far as upcoming endeavors on the big screen, despite reports that Scarlett has a lesbian sex scene with Penelope Cruz in the upcoming Woody Allen, the actress is not offering up any details.

"If you think I am telling you anything about the film, you know how it goes, [I've] got to keep everything under wraps until the actual release." Scarlett said. "I think that will hopefully get people excited to see it, there is a lot of intrigue and it is very operatic. There are some exciting moments, and some awkwardly hilarious moments, and some very dramatic moments. I haven't even seen it. I am just going based on what I read from the script and what we shot."

Scarlett stars opposite Natalie Portman and Eric Bana in "The Other Boylen Girl," which is scheduled to open February 29.

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