Scott Foley Talks New Comedy The Goodwin Games, His Wife’s Reaction To His Scandal Love Scene

Scott Foley is spending his summer away from “Scandal” and competing in “The Goodwin Games,” a new comedy on Fox.

The comedy series, which airs Monday nights on the network, was actually filmed before Scott’s “Scandal” arc began, but was held by the network until now. Sitting down on Friday’s Access Hollywood Live, Scott explained the premise of his funny new series.

“It’s a very sweet idea for a show – the father dies and the sort-of-estranged children come back for his funeral. They learn that he’s amassed this fortune and he’s set up this series of games for them to win it,” Scott explained to hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover. “Really, it’s about the family getting back together and reconnecting as adults – while fighting for $23 million.”

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Scott explained that while he waited for “The Goodwin Games” to hit the air, his sexy “Scandal” role came up when Shonda Rhimes found out he was available.

“She called me — I worked with her previously on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ — she said, ‘I have this role that’s Olivia’s love interest, would you be interested in coming?’ and I said, ‘Well tell me a little bit more about it. She said, ‘It’s Olivia’s love interest!’ And I was like, ‘Oh yes, of course, sure, I’ll be there. I’m on my way,’” Scott laughed.

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The actor confirmed the rumors to Billy and Kit — he was in a room with both his wife and Kerry Washington, who plays Olivia Pope, when one of his love scenes came on the screen.

“We all get together to watch an episode of the show before it airs. … We watched it the weekend before and it just happened to be the first love scene that I had with Kerry, and my wife was with us, and understandably the whole room got a little quiet when it happened… and out of the back row, my wife said, ‘Bring some of that home,’” Scott laughed.

“The Goodwin Games” airs Mondays on Fox, while “Scandal” returns to ABC this fall.

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