Scrubs Celebrate Season Six, Drop Spoilers

Spoiler alert! For starters, talk was a buzz over Episode 6, the cast’s first all musical, which hits television screens in January 2007. “The whole story is advanced through song and nobody’s ever talking,” Robert Maschio who plays the sexually charged Dr. Todd Quinlan told Access Hollywood. “One patient, she has a problem with a head injury and she thinks everybody’s singing. Originally when the music was written and the dialogue of the story was being told I thought that’s great, but then they made it funny too and I thought that’s really clever.”The music for the episode was written by Jeff Marx from the Broadway show ‘Avenue Q,’ with Scrubs’ creator Bill Lawrence, who Robert noted, took inspiration from another beloved sitcom. “Bill’s wife used to be on ‘Drew Carey’ and from time to time they would do a musical. We’d always say, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if we had an episode that was entirely musical?’ and I think he’s had it in the back of his mind for a long time,” he said.Though they’ve had a host of fabulous guest stars pass through those swinging hospital doors, the cast noted there are fewer cameos this season. The Blue Man Group will show up in the season premiere. Beyond that, Chalke who plays Dr. Elliott Reid said they are still hoping for an appearance by a Brit who they begged to join an episode, whileat the Emmys in 2005. “I would love Ricky Gervais to guest star,” Chalke said. “I have not [seen him since]. I wish that both him and Mackenzie Crook who played Gareth Keenan on the British ‘Office’ would come. You’ve reminded me of this plight that I’m on. I’ve gotta revisit this with ‘Scrubs’ creator Bill.”Talk has also commenced to bring back Masi Oka, formerly Franklyn on the hospital comedy, now the very super, Hiro Nakamura on NBC’s ‘Heroes.’ “It’s in the works. Let’s put it that way,” Masi told Access Hollywood of the proposed cameo last night. “If everything works out, it’ll be great. I would love to work with Bill and Zach again. These are my homeboys. I grew up here, pretty much. I learned my comedy chops from these guys.”Never one to shy away from tragedy, Judy Reyes dropped the most heartbreaking spoiler, that her character Nurse Carla and on screen husband Turk (Donald Faison) have a rocky road ahead.“I actually like where she’s going this season,” Reyes said of Carla’s ongoing transitions. “I don’t want to give too much away, because it’s gonna be airing soon. She’s having the baby and dealing with real life issues that women deal with when they have their children. And [she’s] dealing the emotional turmoil of actually bearing a child and what real women deal with and the sadness of dealing with child birth and the turmoil.”As for where the cast will be when the show does hit the airwaves November 30? Robert told Access he’ll be watching from Costa Rica, Sarah from Hawaii and as for J.D., AKA Zach Braff?

“I don’t know,”hesaid. “I’ll probably be watching with friends some where at my house. It was different back when it was the first season, now we’re very grateful to be on the air, but we don’t celebrate it or anything. [Tonight’s party] is the celebration.”

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