Seal Talks Stripping Down With Heidi Klum For ‘Secret’ Video: ‘It Was Her Idea!’

Seal’s new music video for his single, “Secret,” (which debuted exclusively on Access Hollywood Live and on Wednesday morning) offers fans an intimate glimpse into his stripped down moments with wife Heidi Klum.

And as Seal told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Wednesday morning’s Access Hollywood Live, it didn’t take any convincing to get Heidi on board for the steamy video – in fact, it was her idea.

“It was her idea to tell you the honest truth. It wouldn’t have been something that I would have asked her to do,” Seal revealed. “But she loved the song and the song is the story of how we met – and our first daughter – who is pretty much the catalyst for that if you like.”

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The sexy star couple wanted to pay tribute to their love for one another – and to their family.

“[Heidi] said, ‘Why don’t we just do something that we can be proud of. Something that celebrates our love, something that [daughter] Leni will always have when she’s older.’ And I figured, why not? If that’s your idea, then let’s do it!” Seal explained.

The soulful singer admitted he expects to receive some playful jabs over the racy video, which shows Seal and Heidi getting up close and very personal.

“I’m gonna make people say, ‘Get a room, why don’t you!’” he laughed. “But we did actually. It was a very big room – a big studio room.”

Yet, it wasn’t getting naked for shock value. Instead, Seal said it was an important part of telling the story behind the song.

“It’s really meant to be a celebration of our love. I constantly get asked, ‘What are my songs about? Particularly this song, is it autobiographical?’ And I said, ‘This is it. This is what it’s about,’” he noted. “That’s why I’m a singer. I don’t necessarily like talking about my songs or lyrics for that matter. But for anyone who wants to know what inspires me to make music, what makes me tick, why do I get out of bed every morning — it’s because I love my family. I love my wife.”

However, when it was time to strip down for the video, it wasn’t for all eyes to see, as Seal explained.

“The funny thing was Ric [Salmon], who is my manager and dear friend, had to clear everyone out of the studio,” Seal told Billy and Kit, noting that the only ones left were the happy couple and a few essential crew members. “We’re really close, we’re just not that close, so [Ric] had to turn his back – his choice, of course – while [director] Nabil Elderkin and the lighting guy were filming. It was quite an interesting experience.”

As for the director – who Seal previously worked with on his “Change is Gonna Come” video – the singer said Nabil wasn’t quite as comfortable with the nudity as Heidi and Seal were.

“From what I understand, before we actually turned up, Nabil was kind of pacing around. He was really nervous because he had to shoot this thing and he had to deal with Heidi and myself at the same time and he didn’t quite know how it was going to turn out,” Seal said. “And apparently, Ric went over to him and said, ‘Look mate, get a grip. Just go out there and do it.’ And he went, ‘Alright, fine.’”

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