Sean Young Puts On Her ‘Skating With The Stars’ Game Face

In just a few days, ABC premieres its newest celebrity competition show – “Skating with the Stars,” and actress Sean Young said preparing for it has been tough.

“It’s a lot of hard work — the skating and learning how to skate,” the actress told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Wednesday’s Access Hollywood Live.

Sean, the star of such films as “Blade Runner” and the original “Wall Street,” said she’s hit the ice before, but never like this.

“I’ve put skates on before, like when I was a kid… and then I had some time at a Culver City ice rink where my kids would like to go ice skating on Saturdays, but that was really just like puttering around,” Sean said. “The last five weeks [of training for the show] have been very challenging and actually amazing fun. You have to have a kind of athletic personality for it and I do. I have a dance background, so I’m athletic and I learn quickly, which is lucky in this situation.”

The 51-year-old actress said she isn’t worried about competition from the likes of Motley Crue’s Vince Neil or Olympian Jonny Moseley.

“My biggest competition is within me,” Sean said. “It’s your own mental game. It’s like you wake up and you say, ‘I need to face this with a good attitude, I need to do my very best and at the end of the day.’ That’s the most important thing you need to accomplish because you can’t control all of the variables that you will face. You might be nervous that day, you might be in perfect condition that day, you just don’t know and that’s what competition is.”

Another reason Sean isn’t concerned about her competition? Prior to joining the show, she didn’t know who some of them were.

“I didn’t know who Bethenny [Frankel, another “SWTS” contender] was before the show, but that’s because I don’t watch a lot of TV,” she said.

“Skating with the Stars” premieres on November 22 on ABC.

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