Seattle ‘Idol’ Rejects Speak Out

LOS ANGELES (January 22, 2007) --In case you were wondering, this is a bush baby and that was just mean. Kenneth Swale was compared to this nocturnal, insect eating primate. His friend Jonathan Jayne also took it on the chin, but now that these two abused ?Idols? have been living it up from Hollywood to New York, the sting of Simon?s words has almost worn off.

?We can?t get enough of doing this and I can?t get enough of Hollywood,? says Kenneth.

?We love Hollywood. It?s a blast,? adds Jonathan.

From Idol castoffs to celebrity hotshots in five days flat. Jonathan Jayne and Kenneth Swale are living the dream.

?We wish we could be sleeping in, but there’s no sleeping in, in show business,? Jonathan notes.

Access correspondent Tim Vincent met up with the two crooners backstage at the ?Today” show which capped off a whirlwind weekend media tour, starting with their Hollywood debut on ?Jimmy Kimmel Live.?

After spending the weekend in Hollywood, the two were off to New York City, which brings us back to the ?Today.? While backstage the two revealed to Al Roker and Tim their ?almost? encounter with some LA ladies.

?Me and him both got invited by uh, Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera, and Nicky Hilton to go to a Hollywood party, and my mom’s like I’d love to let you go but we have to be up by 4:30 in the morning, get on flight to NY because you’re doing the today show,? Kenneth recounts.

It?s a good thing they saved their voices, because on the way to the stage psychiatrist and fellow ?Today? show guest Dr. Keith Ablow joined the guys in an impromptu reject quartet.

Once the two sat down with Meredith Vieira, things got serious as she asked the question that so many others have: Has ?Idol? taken being mean too far?

?I’d like him to apologize to me and my friend, I mean, he degraded a person so low to where they felt worse than dirt,? Kenneth told Meredith.

?You think he was meaner than normal,? Tim asked.

?Oh yeah, he went way too far, I was expecting him to criticize my singing and my choreography,? Kenneth responded. ?I never in a lifetime saw him criticize somebody for their appearance. It shocked me that he would actually go that far.?

And Jonathan who suffers from autism and is a Special Olympics competitor was made fun of for his weight.

?Have you borrowed Randy?s trousers,? Simon asked on ?Idol.?

But he has his own weight words for Randy.

?Why don?t you contact Whoopi Goldberg for LA weight loss,? Jonathan says.

Tim Vincent Interviews Kenneth & Jonathan

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