‘Sex And The City’: Guest Stars Of Season 6, Parts I & II

Season 6: Part 1 (2003)

Episode 1: “To Market, To Market”

Handsome Victor Webster played one of Samantha’s momentary love interests – Chip Kil-Kinney — a stock broker who enjoyed giving trading tips at the height of passion. Webster’s good looks also snared another hot television lady Alyssa Milano when he played Coop on “Charmed” three years later.

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Before he became the rather annoying David Hodges on top drama “CSI,” Wallace Langham, played Willie Applegate, Carrie’s “sim-u-date,” the man she tested out before going on a real date with her super-crush, Jack Berger.

Episode 2: “Great Sexpectations”

Jerry “Smith” Jerrod, or the Absolut Hunk as he quickly became, was introduced during Season 6 thanks to the gorgeous cheekbones and abs of his portrayer, Jason Lewis. But before he became Samantha’s permanent hunk of her own, he was a waiter at Raw, one Samantha had to battle it out for. Lewis appears in the “Sex and The City” movie, but during the time between the end of the series and the filming of the big screen version, he had a recurring role on “Brothers & Sisters” and starred on the big screen with Kevin Costner in “Mr. Brooks.”

Episode 3: “The Perfect Present”

The “Sex” ladies go to show their support for a dumped handbag-designing friend Victoria, played by the always-funny “Best In Show” star, Jennifer Coolidge, in “The Perfect Present.” Coolidge strutted her funny side for TV, flipping out when she kicked out Samantha and the soon-to-be-named “Smith,” after they were caught getting up to no good in the kitchen. The actress’ “Sex” cameo was followed by more cameos in shows, including “Friends” and later that show’s spin-off, “Joey,’ where she played the actor’s neurotic agent, of course.

Episode 9: “A Woman’s Right To Shoes”

Oscar winner Tatum O’Neal spiced things up as Kyra, Carrie’s old friend who throws a party. When Carrie’s beloved designer shoes leave the party without her, Kyra sends her home in an old pair of tennies, promising she’ll make calls about Carrie’s lost footwear. When the shoes are never found, Carrie shames Kyra into replacing them. O’Neal continued her NYC based TV appearances post-“Sex” with a highly acclaimed role on “Rescue Me.”

After it had been established that red-headed Miranda was smitten with a fake BBC show, “Jules & Mimi,” about a relationship of not only class, but race, Miranda meets her building’s new tennant, Dr. Robert Leeds, played by Blair Underwood. The two quickly get hot and heavy, before – eventually – Miranda ends up back in the arms of her baby-daddy, Steve. Underwood’s character sticks aroung long enough to give the couple grief before joining the casts of “The New Old Christine” and “Dirty Sexy Money.”

Episode 10: “Boy, Interupted”

Carrie never had much luck with men and they don’t exactly turn out great when she runs into her high school boyfriend Jeremy, played by David Duchovny. Though they date and have a fine old time, finally going all the way, he ends up retiring back to the mental home, where he checked himself in, to deal with some problems.

Spice Girl Geri Haliwell made a very brief appearnce in the same episode as Phoebe, a British friend of Samantha’s who lets the PR guru know about hot summer spot, the Soho House.

Famed drag queen, Lady Bunny also cropped up in the episode – as herself, performing at a grown up prom, where Carrie and Stanford share a dance during Stanford’s mini-split from boyfriend Marcus.

Episode 12: “One”

Famed Russian ballet dancer and Oscar nominee (for 1977’s “The Turning Point”) Mikhail Baryshnikov joined “SATC” in the final episode of Season 6, Part I as Aleksandr Petrovsky, a Russian artist who became Carrie’s second-to-last love interest in the television series. The two met after Charlotte dragged Carrie to watch a performance artist who sat in a gallery, refusing to eat or speak for days. Baryshnikov stuck around for all of the series’ final season, until he and Carrie split after a major fight in Paris. And of course because Mr. Big came after her, having decided she was “the one.”

Season 6: Part 2 (2004)

Episode 15: “Catch-38”

After Samantha was diagnosed with breast cancer she attemped to see the best doctor in the business. Unfortunatley for her, the doctor wouldn’t see anyone without an appointment. In an attempt to get in on a last minute cancellation, Samantha spent several days sitting in the office alongside Sister Anne Marie, played by “Saturday Night Live” alumn Julia Sweeney, before the two got their sought after doctor visit thanks to Smith.

Episode 18: “Splat”

At a party held by Enid (Candice Bergen), Carrie’s friend, Lexi Featherston, a former “it” girl played by “Third Rock From The Sun’s” Kristen Johnston, declares she’s “so bored I could die,” before falling from a window to her death. After her “Sex” “Splat,” Johnston appeared in a 2005 recurring role on “E.R.” and most recently signed up for “Bride Wars,” alongisde Bergen and Kate Hudson, due for release in 2009.

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