‘Shadowhunters’: See The New Season 2 Main Titles (Exclusive!)

“Shadowhunters” returns
to Freeform on January 2, and things are getting darker in the second season,
beginning with the brand new opening titles. And, AccessHollywood.com has your
exclusive first look at the new opening sequence.

“The opening titles I think
are a very important stamp for the show. It sets the tone,” Executive
Producer Matt Hastings told AccessHollywood.com, when we asked about the
inspiration behind the cinematic sequence.

“[We] just felt like we
wanted to lean into really establishing the new tone, the new look, the new
vibe of the show. And when I was discussing it with the Freeform kids, they
were incredibly supportive and they said, ‘Yeah, go for it,'” he
said. “So, it just was making sure the characters pop, and really [giving
it] a sense of cinematic style, which is what we’re leaning into more this year
than they did last year. So, in coupling with the reboot, we felt like this was
a great way to light the match.”

WATCH: ‘Shadowhunters’ Season 2 Exclusive: See The Brand-New Opening Titles!

Hastings shot the new sequence
with the cast, who were excited about the show having a new opener that
highlights the characters from the Shadowhunters world in new ways.

“I think they were stoked. …
When I was presenting it to them, and on the day, we just had a lot of fun and
when they’re relaxed, just like in anything, if you relax in a situation, you
can really drive forward creatively. So, we had music playing, it was like a
fashion shoot and we had these lights creating flares and it was very, very
specific pieces that we wanted to do, and embracing and focusing on the Runes,
but also on the individuality of the characters,” Hastings said. “So,
in doing that, instead of just sort of like, [having a] hero shot of all
of them walking on camera, we’re focusing on each individual nuance of each
character. So, trying to create a sense of a more adult theme and more
grown-up, more kick-as — grittier. That’s what we’re going for.”

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When the show returns,
“Shadowhunters” will begin to tackle
what’s next after those Season 1 finale cliffhangers, including Jace (Dominic Sherwood) choosing
to leave the group and stay with Valentine (Alan Van Sprang), who is setting up his own army of Shadowhunters
(something hinted at in the Season 2 trailer).

“I think the greatest thing
about what was set up is that it’s just ripe with conflict. It’s not just
conflict on the action-packed scale, but it’s emotional conflict,”
Hastings said.

“It’s a really interesting
journey for Jace, because I think down deep he’s a good guy, but there’s
something that’s tugging at him, pulling at him to stay aligned with his
dad,” Hastings added. “And as a new father myself, I understand it. I
have a son, and I feel like if my son didn’t follow me, I would be super
bummed. But … even if my message was twisted, there is an emotional, also a DNA
connection between a father and son, so it’s really interesting to see Jace
battling that in his heart.”

We’ll have more from our interview
with Hastings about Clary, Jocelyn, Alec, Magnus and more, next week on

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