Shameless: Emmy Rossum & William H. Macy Share Season 3 Scoop

“Shameless” heads back to Showtime for Season 3 tonight, and fans wanting to interact with Emmy Rossum, should log on to Twitter when the show hits the airwaves at 9 PM.

“We will be live Tweeting. I’ll be in New York. So I’ll be live Tweeting the East Coast feed,” she told Access Hollywood on Saturday, as she promoted her show at the Television Critics Association Winter Session 2013 in Pasadena, Calif. “We like to do it, we like the live time interaction and finding out what people are saying about what our characters are saying… [and it’s fun to share a] funny backstory about what happened when we were shooting that scene.”

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Speaking of the fan reaction to “Shameless,” Emmy, who plays Fiona Gallagher, a young woman taking care of her younger brothers and sister because her mom left, and her dad (William H. Macy’s character, Frank) is an addict, said she often has people mistaking her for her character.

“I think because TV is in your house, people more associate you with a character [from] TV than a character in a film…. Some people forget that you’re a different person than your actual character, so some people will come up to me — either locally in Chicago or in an airport or whatever and say, ‘You are such an amazing mother to those kids!’ And I’m just like (nods) ‘Thank you…’ ‘Fiona, can we have a picture with you?’ ‘Sure, sure,’” Emmy recounted.

While last season started out with a heartbroken Fiona, trying to get over Steve/Jimmy (Justin Chatwin), this season starts out with the two still back together (as they ended last season – despite his wife who needs a green card!) and fully domesticated.

“They’re in a bit of a rut in their relationship,” Emmy said. “They’re living together, happily. They love each other, but he doesn’t have the edge that he had at the beginning when he was a sexy car thief [and] mysterious… Now he’s the guy who pees in front of her and has baby spittle, and makes mac and cheese for the kids and is kind of Mr. Mom.”

As for Frank, who ended Season 2 sleeping outside as snow fell around him – he starts off Season 3 in another country.

“I wake up in Mexico not knowing how I got there,” William told Access. “The big joke is, the first image I see is Jesus carrying a cross down the street and I say, ‘Did I miss Christmas?’ And they say, ‘Senor, you missed Easter.’ I’ve been away for a while. It’s was quite a party.”

“Shameless” Season 3 kicks off tonight at 9 PM ET/PT on Showtime. The network is also offering a free preview weekend right now to non-subscribers. Visit for more details on which TV providers are participating.

-- Jolie Lash

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