Shannen Doherty Leaves The Bad Days Behind

After growing up in the spotlight, everywhere Shannen Doherty goes, she goes with a reputation ? one from which she will not run.

And these days, she?s actually having a little fun with it.

?Was there any benefit for the bad girl label?? Billy asked.

?No, definitely never any benefit to it,? Shannon said. ?It?s tired especially cause the last time I did something controversial was probably like seven years ago.?

Shannen has turned her riotous ways around and is now the host and executive producer of Oxygen?s ?Breaking Up with Shannen Doherty,? in which she comes to the rescue of men and women who need help calling it quits.

But is Shannen, who has had a string of failed romances, right for the job?

?Your first marriage lasted six months, your second lasted seven or five?? Billy asked.

?No, it lasted a lot longer than that. It lasted two years,? Shannen said.

?You?ve been engaged four times,? Billy said.

?I have not been engaged four times!? Shannen laughed.

?Twice, then one on again, off again, regardless, that makes you the least qualified or the most qualified for this show,? Billy laughed.

?I like to think that it makes me the most qualified,? Shannen explained. ?First off, I was only divorced only once because my second marriage was annulled, and I quite proud of that so let’s just be clear.?

Some explanation is in order. Shannen?s marriage to George Hamilton?s son, Ashley, ended in divorce and her second marriage, to Rick Solomon of ?One Night in Paris? tape fame, was annulled.

No wonder Shannen has sworn off men these last two years.

?So, this is a moment in your life of sort of a time out?? Billy asked.

?Yes,? Shannen said.

?Not giving up though, not hanging up,? Billy said.

?I?m not giving up, and I will admit to having moments,? Shannen said. ?I actually had a moment last night where I climbed into bed and went, God, it would be really nice to??

?Hold it,? Billy laughed. ?Hold that. Let?s all finish that in our minds. Let?s all finish that in our own minds.?

?No,? Shannen laughed. ?You are embarrassing me now.?

?Everyone has their needs right?? Billy said.

?Right,? Shannen said.

?So, that is gone?? Billy wondered.

?What are you referring to?? Shannen teased.

?Now, romance, passion?? Billy asked. ?Passion, intimacy, its gone for two years, I can?t imagine??

?I?m basically ready for it to end,? Shannen said.

“What kind of guy is great for you,” Billy asked.

For Shannen’s answer and more, click here to catch our interview with the new Oxygen star!

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