Shia LaBeouf Makes A ‘Love Connection’ With ‘Today’ Show Fan

One of Shia LaBeouf’s biggest fans’ dreams came true when she met the “Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen” actor during his appearance on NBC’s the “Today” show Thursday morning.

As the show went to commerical, Matt Lauer was outside, where he put a sign-toting fan on camera, who said she would love to meet the “Transformers” star.

During the interview, co-host Meredith Vieira told Shia that there was a young lady named Samantha outside the studio who was dying to meet him.

“I like Samantha a lot. She seems like a real special person,” Shia said, having seen her being interviewed prior to his segment. “I would love to meet her – is she here?”

And Shia got his chance to meet his adoring fan, when she entered the studio with coffee for the 23-year-old actor.

“You look great,” the actor said, and asked if she is wearing her “say nice things to Shia outfit?”

“I’ve been planning this all week,” the 20-year-old fan exclaimed, “and I bought this [pointed to her floral print skirt] … I can’t believe this!”

Meredith gave Samantha her seat and told her she could ask Shia one question.

“I don’t know what to ask … I’m in shock,” Samantha said, stammering with excitement. “What kind of girl are you interested in? Honestly, just be honest.”

“All kinds,” Shia said, adding that he does not have a girlfriend. “What are you doing the rest of the day? My day is boring.”

Shia then said to Meredith, “Thanks for this love connection,” before the show cut to commercial.

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