Show Blog: A Day At Access (May 31, 2006, 8:00 AM PDT)

I have discovered who keeps changing the television in Rob’s office to The A-Team every morning - super-researcher Eugene. I should have known.

This morning when I got in on the short side of 6, I was immediately stuck with great force by the fact that the monitor, which had previously been tuned to the Sleuth network every morning for the past month or so, was finally switched to something else - the east coast feed of the ?Today? Show, so we could all watch Katie’s goodbye live. To me, this is big news.

Anyhow… an hour or so goes by, we all leave the office for the graphics meeting in the conference room, we return shortly after, and what do I discover? Eugene sitting in front of the monitor, grinning contentedly as he watches B.A. Baracus bring the hammer down on some dude in a too-tight army helmet. Caught red-handed.

Let the record state that I ribbed my man good-naturedly for a few moments but did not ask him to change the channel when he graciously offered. I will not begrudge a man his Dirk Benedict fix.

Quickly changing subjects, I should say that the huge ?Today? show Katie tribute went over very well in the room this morning as we watched, but, personally speaking, Ann Curry moving in for a kiss with 6 minutes to go was kinda awkward. But that’s just me. And I would have liked to have heard at least a peep from Gene Shalit, even if he and Katie have probably never been in the same place at the same time before this morning. (Again, just me.)

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