Sinbad Talks New Reality Show & Life After Internet Hoax Death

Sinbad has survived a divorce, financial and careers woes and even a falsely reported death – but he’s alive and well and appearing on a new reality show!

”‘Til you die… you’re not nobody!” the comedian/actor – whose real name is David Adkins – told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Monday’s Access Hollywood Live.

In 2007, the actor’s death was falsely reported twice on his Wikipedia page, something he wears as a badge of honor.

“You’re not anybody ‘til you die. When Wikipedia kills you, you’ve been somebody,” he joked. “I’m so good I got killed twice! You can’t kill me once.”

The actor, who has reunited with wife Meredith after being divorced for 10 years, opened up about his past financial and careers woes.

“I never made the crazy money people thought I made. My name was bigger than my money,” he explained. “I kept thinking, ‘I’ll get one more movie, then I’ll catch up,’ and I didn’t get that one more movie and I did not catch up… Hollywood quits on you, you don’t quit! I’ve never quit.”

The comedian, wife Meredith, son Royce and daughter Paige – who recently released an album, “Imperfect Me” — are all starring on WEtv’s new reality series, “Sinbad: It’s Just Family.”

“For me, it’s about fun,” he said of their new series. “It’s not like other reality shows. It’s crazy. I mean it’s got – it’s drama, it’s not like deep drama where we’re beating each other up and throwing things. It’s crazy fun.”

Adding with a laugh, “to be my children and married to me it’s nutty enough!”

“Sinbad: It’s Just Family” premieres on Tuesday on WEtv at 10 PM.

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