Siva Kaneswaran Q&A: His Solo Music & Wedding Plans! (Part II)

Has The Wanted split for good? Siva Kaneswaran sat down with Access Hollywood to talk about the future of the band in Part I of our new interview, where he also shared his harrowing story of being robbed at knifepoint in Denver.

Now, in Part II of our interview with Siva, he opens up about his solo music, the star he’d most like to collaborate with and reveals plans for his upcoming wedding!

Access: How is your solo work going to be different from your music with your band?
When the songs are written in the band, it kinda has a sound and it kind of got put in The Wanted bracket. We had to reproduce and make it sound like yes! It sounds like The Wanted. But, I think when I do my own , which is gonna be probably like indie pop sound, it won’t have that bracket. It’ll just be me and everyone will know what I sound like you know? That’s really exciting. It’s really exciting to kind of have that freedom.

Access: Are you working with any famous producers?
Yeah, I’ve worked with a few. I’ve worked with RedOne. I’ve worked with a few producers here in LA. It’s basically just finding the right time right now. But, I’m ready. I am so ready.

Access: Is there anybody you want to collaborate with?
I mean obviously Pharrell would be great to collaborate with because he’s like the man right now. I’m actually more excited about just releasing my own music right now, just to getting my own sound out and doing that.

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Access: When will the record be ready?
Hopefully less than than a year. Yeah, it’d be sooner rather than later. And, I’m moving over here to LA to kinda get really into it.

Access: But what about your wedding? When’s that?
The guy’s answer. What dudes say… 2015. ‘Cause Nareesha knows more than me but probably in the summer. We’re thinking we’re gonna do a long weekend.. She wants to probably do it somewhere where it’s sunny and we were thinking maybe in America.

Access: Any themes for the wedding?
Personally I want a “Star Wars”-themed wedding. I want Nareesha to dress up as Princess Leia. And I could probably do it, like be Han Solo, grow the hair long a bit, act it out a bit. And then afterwards you know, honeymoon period, I could be like, you know, she could dress up in the whole Princess Leia skimpy clothes with the chains you know, and I could dress up as Jabba the Hutt. Umm that’s my personal want, but…

Access: You need to give your bandmates some costumes too, while you’re at it…
Yeah they’d probably dress up as a few of the creatures in the movie and act out a few scenes… you know, like in one of the bar scenes. They can play like the saxophone and stuff, but I haven’t really gotten into that. I just need her to agree to the first thing and if she says yeah I can move on and be more creative.

Access: You don’t want the boys to sing at the party?
They could… No I don’t want them working. They can just drink. Yeah.

Access: Would you ever consider being in a Bollywood movie?
It’d be great. I’ve got a great Indian fan base and obviously I’m half Indian and I’ve got a lot of family over there too, so I’d love to. I love South India.

Access: When I watch your music videos, it doesn’t seem like you get close to the actresses and models. Why did you not?
I just didn’t feel like, like it was right, personally for me. I didn’t feel like it was right for me go and kiss girls in videos. I didn’t feel comfortable with it and I think if you look at all the videos, you’ll see, like all the guys kissing and I’m just like, no. I felt awkward and really sweaty for it.

Access: Who was the most enthusiastic?
Jay. He’s a single guy, and he’s hilarious.

Access: We spoke about acting, would ever consider going full frontal in a movie?
Maybe. I’m very comfortable with myself, but I don’t think everyone else is comfortable with looking at me! You know, after CGI is involved, anything can happen!

Access: What about modeling? You used to do it for a profession.
I think I’ll do some. I think that was kind of like more in the past. I think I’ll do more fashion associated things, you know maybe curate a few lines. I’d love to do that.

Access: One of your fans wants to know when you’ll be releasing your own calendar with just you and your shirt off?
: I will release my own calendar with my shirt off, when I stop eating doughnuts and fatty food!

Access: You must have signature poses?
Yeah, I can do Blue Steel.

Access: With The Wanted gone, who are you looking to take your places?
There’s a new band in the U.K. called The Vamps and they supported us on tour. They remind me of me when I was 19, 20. They remind me of that. I think they’d do really well in America. So, watch out!

-- Genevieve Wong

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