Skier Ted Ligety’s Gold Rush! (Healthy Hollywood)

The countdown the Olympics 2014 is on! With just under 120 days to go, Ted Ligety is getting ready to hit the slopes. “I’m feeling good. I’ve been spending a lot of time training out in the snow for the upcoming competition. I’m confident that I’m in a good place going into the World Cup competition, which is a great way to gauge how I’ll do in the Olympic Games in February,” reveals the skiing champ to Healthy Hollywood.

The 29-year-old world champion was in New York City to promote his partnership with Vicks. The cold and flu medicine is his go-to remedy. “There is no time off when I’m training for competition. I cannot afford a sick day. Competing in a sport that requires thin, spandex uniforms makes you vulnerable to winter colds.”

And, to pull off those skin-tight ski pants, he needs to be in top notch shape — something Ted doesn’t need to worry about. He’s training year-round for his upcoming skiing competitions. “During the summer, we did a lot of conditioning off the slopes. I live five minutes from the Olympic Training Center in Park City, Utah so it’s easy to jump out of bed and get right to work. We condition twice a day, six times a week during the warmer months, focusing on exercises for the lower body, core and a little bit of cardio.”

And, now that it’s almost ski season, Ted reveals, “During the winter months, getting on the slopes is the best way to stay active. I start out on a spin bike to loosen up and get my muscles moving first thing in the morning. After breakfast we hit the slopes for training.”

-- Terri MacLeod

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